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Oushennuo 2017 Nuo plan Kunming Station: let surprise enter Zhaoyin primary school

on December 19, Oushennuo 2017 Nuo plan (Kunming Station) entered Zhaoyin primary school in Maojie Town, Wuding County, and spent a Christmas full of surprise and happiness with the children in advance

Zhaoyin primary school, formerly known as Maojie boiler primary school, was established in 1969 and is located at the junction of Wuding, Yuanmou and Lufeng counties. The villages here are scattered, and it is a boarding school integrating mountains, high cold, cold, remote and ethnic groups. At present, the school has 6 teaching classes (including preschool classes and grades 1 to 5), with a total of 109 students

(the volunteers of Nordic plan take a group photo with the students and teachers of grade one to grade three of Zhaoyin primary school)

because the school is located in the depths of the mountains, daily teaching is lack of sports equipment, curtains and other recreational materials and living materials. After knowing the situation, Oushennuo volunteers brought curtains, skipping ropes, football, shuttlecock, badminton and other materials to the school on the day of the activity, which greatly enriched the children's after-school life

the children wore red scarves for the volunteers

the children gave the volunteers a young pioneers' team gift

a small skipping rope, which made the children happy

at the material donation ceremony, the volunteer representative Mr. yaowenzhong expressed his holiday wishes to the children, and hoped that the children could make full use of and cherish these equipment and materials, actively participate in exercise, study hard, and be a good child to reassure parents and teachers, In the future, we can walk out of the mountains and realize our dreams

Mr. yaowenzhong (right), the manager of Foshan Oushennuo ceramics western region and the volunteer representative of Nuodeng program, donated sports equipment and other materials to the president of Zhaoyin primary school (right)

the children in Dashan are more shy than those in the city. But when children see so many sports equipment, they are very happy. The most popular is skipping rope. They pick it up and play it! With the help of the volunteers, the children also competed with each other in rope skipping and played small games such as throwing handkerchiefs and passing balloons. The initially shy expression of the children became happy smiling faces

the children happily played rope skipping with the volunteers.

on the game, the children gave us their warmest smiles carelessly.

through interaction and familiarity, the children and volunteers established a sense of trust and shared their lives with each other

at the first zero distance activity with Santa Claus, volunteers also dressed up as Santa Claus and distributed Christmas gifts to each student. Many students know Santa Claus for the first time. The fat Santa Claus interacts and sings with the children with a sense of humor, adding a different Christmas surprise to the students' daily campus life

Oushennuo "Santa Claus" tells the story of Santa Claus to the children

the children listen attentively to Oushennuo "Santa Claus" telling the story

Santa Claus gives gifts to the children

volunteers bring more joy to the school

during the activity, the volunteers made a brief interview with the principal. As the principal, Pu Shaohua has been in Zhaoyin primary school for 15 years and met his lover here. He said that watching the school turn from a simple bungalow to today's exquisite campus depends on public welfare enthusiasts from all walks of life. He also said that since the arrival of public welfare volunteers such as Oushennuo's "promise action plan", the teachers and students of the school seemed to have more smiles on their faces. The attention of all sectors of society to remote rural schools has brought more joy and positive energy to teachers and students

president Pu accepted the interview of volunteers and told the story of his 15 years as an ordinary rural teacher

the children wrote their dreams on the wish wall

at the end of the activity, the children wrote their ideals and wishes on the dream wall, and expressed their simple and innocent dreams in their childish handwriting, It also touched the hearts of volunteers - "the most valuable thing in the complex life is the persistence and protection of the initial dream. Through this activity, children get happiness, but also let us get gratitude and positive energy, just like the sun shines in winter, warming people's hearts"





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