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On April 11, Chongqing Youyang bargaining meeting came to a perfect end, with 85 orders and 900000 sales

on April 11, the Chongqing Youyang bargaining meeting came to a perfect end, with 85 orders and 900000 sales! President Chen of Chongqing Youyang store has thanked for many times. The success of the bargaining meeting can not be separated from the joint efforts of all personnel, let alone the support of leyijia headquarters. He not only gave great assistance in materials, but also participated in the whole process of promotion

leyijia entered Youyang in 2011. Over the past four years, it has won a high reputation in Youyang with its high-quality, fashionable products and perfect after-sales service. At this price negotiation meeting, leyijia alliance with other 9 building materials enterprises, in the form of group purchase, let consumers who are willing to buy at historical low prices. If you buy one person, you can also enjoy the group purchase price of 10000 people! Not only that, because the bargaining meeting is to cooperate with other building materials enterprises, consumers can buy all the items needed for decoration in one stop on the spot, and really expand the "room" at a small cost

the biggest highlight of this bargain is not the high-end and luxurious shopping environment, nor the popularity of the crowd, but the solemn commitment to return goods for three days without reason! Still afraid of signing the bill, I was crazy for a while, and I found that the style I wanted was not the one I wanted when the goods were delivered to the door? Or was it exciting to sign the bill, and the goods were delivered to the door only to find that they didn't agree? Spend thousands of dollars but don't buy what you love? Don't worry, Le Yijia will pay for you on your impulse! Three days, without any reason, the payment will be refunded if you want. With such a guarantee, no wonder the explosive force on the scene is unprecedented

the success of Chongqing Youyang store once again confirms the sentence: success is always for those who are prepared! In this bargaining meeting, President Chen of Chongqing Youyang store negotiated an alliance with nine other enterprises early, and the bargaining meeting was officially launched on April 4. Before the launch, intensive bombing publicity has been carried out, such as distributing leaflets, sweeping buildings and selling tickets for bargain fairs, so as to ensure that consumers present are customers with real needs. After the launch ceremony, the salesperson and the promotion personnel should divide the work reasonably, and special personnel should be responsible for the details of inviting customers, arranging the venue, setting up activities and so on

if everything is ready, how can it not succeed





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