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[Yihe doors and windows] Nowadays, the entry threshold of the Pan home industry is low, and the shower room agent enterprise that has always been dedicated to customization will have a certain advantage if it wants to cross the border and enter the new category. However, in the face of the leader of the whole house customization, it is natural to have a skillful "fight". In this case of both benefits and disadvantages, if the shower room agent enterprise wants to stop cross-border transformation, it still needs to be considered carefully

strength needs to be strengthened

at present, with the implementation of Pan home view, many shower room and other home furnishing enterprises have also begun to stop cross-border growth, from a wide range of products to a variety of categories. During the period when the spending view is becoming more and more mature, shower room agency enterprises have begun to aggressively enter the Pan home furnishing industry. For the shower room agency enterprises, the pan household industry, which has absolutely low access threshold, is naturally facing a strong brand in the new category. If they "compete" with these strong players, the shower room agency enterprises will undoubtedly have double weak strength

know how to take advantage of the situation to develop

indeed, shower rooms and other products have continued to grow in recent years, and have grown rapidly in the past two years. Not only has the sales performance continued to improve, but the brand area in the store has also continued to expand. Shower real estate can adapt to the different needs of consumers, and can be customized in terms of efficacy or size. Expanding the production of other household products can satisfy the personalized needs of consumers, and it is also widely popular in the market. Therefore, such a market must prompt many, even more and more enterprises to get involved in it

cross border is a double-edged sword. If the shower room agent wants to enter the whole house customization industry and take a share in this big situation, it is necessary to make a transformation plan in advance, carefully respond, avoid danger, measure the position of the two, start things with innovative ideas, and help the enterprise go more smoothly on the cross-border road

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