Experts say introverts are more likely to become g

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Experts say introverts are more likely to become good employees

although many people believe that only extroverts are star employees in the office, this is not the case

although extroverts may be excellent communicators and activists, quiet and encouraging introverts are the most productive and valuable to the organization

Professor Laurie Helger, a clinical psychologist at the University of West Virginia School of medicine, said: "compared with extroverts, introverts are less likely to be disturbed by immediate rewards. They are also willing to engage in work projects that need to be completed independently for a long time. Therefore, introverts seem to be more able to resist interference and carry out long-term planning."

in addition, Helger said that recent evidence shows that introverts are better at leading proactive employees than extroverts

introverts seem to be better at supporting and guiding employees' initiative and creativity, while extroverts do better in leading more passive employees

HERG said: "generally speaking, introverts express their ideas through writing, which will make them more comfortable. Writing is just an important way to show their achievements." ; id=223& c_ id=34& o_ id=& lanmu=12




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