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The choice of logs has a significant impact on the quality of products. Therefore, in choosing raw materials, we should choose excellent logs to create a first-class good brand, which must have a good foundation support, and the choice of logs is the top priority

the holy elephant has always insisted on building a first-class brand in the production process, and the floor plays an important role in home life, so the environmentally friendly and durable floor is our choice. The holy elephant floor will create an environment-friendly and safe floor for everyone and choose better log manufacturing

in the continuous mountains and plateaus in the eastern United States, the annual temperature is moderate and the precipitation is abundant. Many rivers originate here and contain infinite life and vitality. Under this unique condition, it breeds superior cherry trees. Due to its fine wood and warm red color, it caters to the aesthetic orientation of Chinese consumers

the multi-layer cherry wood flooring of the holy elephant is the most pure cherry wood imported from the eastern United States. Due to the characteristics of wood and the exquisite surface treatment technology of the holy elephant, the multi-layer cherry wood flooring series of the holy elephant can be paved with a household space with strong visual appeal, and the noble style of the cherry wood can be seen at a glance. It has excellent performance in pavement effect and performance test

appearance observation

the multi-layer cherry wood floor of the holy elephant uses cherry wood from the eastern United States. Combined with the unique fumigation technology processing and refining, the product surface texture is layered, and the visual appeal is very strong. While the third generation hand scraping technology of the holy elephant Anderson makes the floor have a comfortable touch

interface observation and splicing test

this floor adopts a latch interface, which can increase the stability of the floor after paving, make the floor installation simple and environmental protection, and the latch interface is more and more popular with consumers

waterproof test

due to the use of latch type interface, the floor seam is very small, and it is difficult for water stains to infiltrate in the waterproof test. Of course, as the saying goes, three parts of the floor and seven parts of the installation, if it is a professional installation tool plus a professional installation master of the holy elephant, the floor will be spliced more closely. In actual use, the waterproof of the floor mainly depends on external factors, such as avoiding large-scale sprinkling of water on the floor, and cleaning it up in time if it is accidentally spilled, etc

wear resistance and stain resistance test

in the wear resistance test and stain resistance test, this floor performs well. It is suggested that in the process of using the floor, especially the precious floor, some key parts should be used together with the carpet, which can make the home style beautiful and improve the warmth of the space at the same time

holy elephant multi-layer solid wood composite floor cherry wood series has a very infectious visual effect. The materials are precious and pure, which can pave a noble home space; In terms of performance test, this floor has excellent performance in assembly, waterproof, wear-resistant and stain resistance

effect drawing of multi-layer cherry wood floor pavement of holy elephant

holy elephant floor with a novel and fashionable appearance, its internal quality is a major factor to attract consumers, creating an environmental friendly home life for you and creating your own healthy space





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