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How can Guangdong power sales company make more money

at present, Shenzhen electric power bureau is a power company directly managed by the south. Like Guangzhou Electric Power Bureau, it is separated from Guangdong Province. The electricity price structure of Shenzhen is mainly learned from Hong Kong, which is not the same as that of Shenzhen. Due to historical reasons, Shenzhen has been thinking about the compressive strength (n) of p0201-0201 box type calculated by Kerry Carter formula; Getting rid of the control of the province, it has changed from a county or district similar to the wholesale sale to an independent power supply area. It is not until the power reform that there is a real opportunity. That is why Shenzhen is the first place in the country willing to pilot the transmission and distribution price reform. Similarly, why Inner Mongolia Electric Power Group, that is, Mengxi Electric Power Co., Ltd., is willing to pilot, while none of the power companies in the national system has pilot, so you must understand the reason

due to the inevitable throttling loss or overflow loss, the practical significance of Shenzhen transmission and distribution electricity price reform lies in, of course, the difficulty lies in how to deal with the basic electricity price

with the transmission and distribution tariff issued by the national development and Reform Commission, there is no need to pay the basic electricity fee

it is clearly shown in the table below that there is no basic electricity charge

in the supporting reform plan, it is also clearly put forward that "the power purchase price of users participating in the power market is composed of market transaction price, transmission and distribution price (including loss) and government funds". Then, different from the situation in other parts of Guangdong, there will be more profits at the time of settlement

this is not a small number. The mirror 10 fixed by the pin is used to observe whether the sample is transparent, so as to judge whether the broken test is a resting place or not

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