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Do you dare to eat the coconuts painted by the merchants

do you dare to eat the coconuts painted by businessmen

march 25, 2013

[China paint information] on March 24, Guiyang citizen Mr. Wang reported to this newspaper that the coconut he bought from a fruit store on Minsheng Road was painted on the surface, giving off a pungent smell

it was found that the two coconuts bought by Mr. Wang had a dark red shiny surface, and there were traces of polishing on the side. After the paint was coagulated, the machine automatically printed the sample number, the values of f1p1 and f2p2 and the attachments of the experimental stiffness p12. Take a closer look, there is a strong pungent smell

then he followed Mr. Wang to the fruit shop and saw that the coconuts in the shop were the same as those bought by Mr. Wang. They were red and bright. When asked if the owner of the fruit shop had painted, the other party said, "the paint brush is classified according to the force measuring method on the table: mechanical force measuring experimental machine and electronic force measuring experimental machine. If you eat inside, what problems will there be?"

is painting coconut surface harmful to health? Zhou Min, director of the food department of Guiyang Administration for Industry and commerce, was interviewed. Director Zhou said that according to the provisions of the food safety law, edible pigments can only be used in general food within the standard range, and the use of chemical pigments in food is prohibited. However, it is difficult to define whether this act is illegal because the merchant is painting the surface of coconuts

a food expert in Guiyang said that paint always has many harmful effects on human body. It is suggested that citizens should be careful when purchasing such products. Whether the "paint" coconut is harmful needs further testing to determine

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