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Recently, when the dangerous goods and packaging inspection technology center of Changzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau conducted a drop test on a batch of steel drums containing dangerous goods submitted by enterprises for inspection, the bottom of two sample barrels fell off. It is understood that since the beginning of this year, the Bureau has detected the falling samples at the bottom of the barrel for three consecutive times

after comparison and analysis, the inspectors found that the hot-rolled steel plate used to make the barrel end was used to make the barrel bottom in these batches of samples, while the steel plate used to make the barrel bottom according to the requirements must use the cold-rolled steel plate, so even if the production process level is higher, the joint between the barrel body and the barrel bottom is very easy to crack once impacted. However, such hidden defects cannot be detected in the self inspection process of the factory. If such steel drums are used to contain dangerous chemicals, leakage is very easy to occur during transportation, loading and unloading, and the loss of life and property is unimaginable. The center decisively issued a non-conforming report on such steel drum packaging, told them about the severity of the surface bonding strength one by one, and asked them to rework and rectify all of them, so as to avoid such non-conforming packaging from entering the market. At the same time, the staff of Changzhou Bureau fed back the situation to the enterprises, which may cause screw damage in the production process; If the friction coefficient is too high, you will feel remorseful. At the same time, you will admit that because of the large business volume of the factory and insufficient manpower, workers are often tired of coping with it, and the wrong materials are taken during the production process, resulting in the above quality problems

it is understood that in recent years, with the continuous increase of China's export business of dangerous chemicals, 2 This hydraulic universal testing machine concentrates the hydraulic components with seven functions on one proportional valve assembly (including electro-hydraulic proportional valve, electromagnetic steering valve and manual conditioning valve, the output and production scale of dangerous goods packaging production enterprises have also expanded rapidly. However, such incidents rarely occur when packaging enterprises have just been established and put into operation. Why do enterprises grow in size and make mistakes more and more inferior? Analyze the following two factors:

first, the awareness of quality and safety is weak. Dangerous goods packaging Production enterprises are very cautious when they just started to develop, and they have strict requirements for product quality control. However, the enterprises have not had any quality and safety accidents in the past few years, so they have relaxed their vigilance, and their safety awareness has gradually weakened. Therefore, to improve the quality of dangerous goods packaging, we must first improve the quality and safety awareness of relevant personnel, which is the root of promoting technical improvement

second, the management level is stagnant. In recent years, packaging enterprises have developed very rapidly. Small enterprises have developed into large enterprises in just a few years. Some enterprises pay attention to the improvement of output and scale, but ignore the improvement of enterprise management level and the regular training of employees. The production process has not been improved and innovated for many years. These factors eventually lead to the disconnection between production and management. Therefore, the management level of the enterprise must keep up with the pace of scale development and ensure the quality while pursuing the output

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