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How did sunzhenbo, a temporary worker in Shandong Province, surprise the local tyrants in Saudi Arabia

how did sunzhenbo, a temporary worker in Shandong Province, surprise the local tyrants in Saudi Arabia

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Shandong Lingong cooperates with dealers in Saudi Arabia and frequently wins big orders

in the construction machinery market in the Middle East, the most important country is Saudi Arabia, and the most competitive country is Saudi Arabia. Relying on the rich oil income, the Saudis are rich and used to European and American products. If they want to have a foothold here, they must dance with wolves and dare to light their swords

sunzhenbo, manager of the Middle East and Africa region, understands that the most difficult thing in dealing with big Saudi customers is to make them accept Chinese brands. Because these big customers seldom use Chinese products. So the salesperson should not only try to run more, but also pay attention to skills

sunzhenbo sighed: it's not easy to sign this order

at the beginning of the 2016 new year, Shandong Lingong and Saudi dealers worked together to beat their competitors and obtained 58 orders from key customers, including loaders and floor machines. This key customer is one of the largest engineering contractors in Saudi Arabia. It has been involved in the industry for many years, has a large number of equipment, and has a large number of branches and project departments in Saudi Arabia, with very strong strength. Moreover, the major customer only purchases foreign brands in Europe and the United States, and is skeptical about the reliability of equipment of Chinese brands

the Saudi purchasing manager said, "I understand the machine. Don't try to deceive me!"

the customer's procurement manager is an experienced engineering expert. For this project, sunzhenbo and the Saudi dealer together provided him with equipment procurement plans and suggestions. After many communications, an agreement was reached. However, in the face of tight construction period, the quality and reliability of products are the first. Ensuring the attendance rate of equipment is the key to the smooth and timely completion of the project. Price is not the most important competitive factor. Foreigners are well aware of the cost performance of Chinese products. Therefore, the most critical factor to win this order is to consider the concerns of customers and meet their demands

speak with facts and come up for a test drive

how to dispel customers' concerns and ensure the attendance rate of the equipment? Faced with the suspicion that customers can not input and output data without printers, sunzhenbo showed them the video of temporary equipment working on the site of well-known major customers and companies around the world, and coordinated with the dealers to take them to visit the site of temporary products of other major customers in Saudi Arabia; Based on the confidence in the product quality of Shandong temporary works, the company extended the warranty for customers appropriately and signed a key customer post market agreement to protect the interests of customers; The customer was worried about the supply of parts, so he took him to visit the parts warehouse of the local dealer; In view of the high temperature, high wind and sand operation environment in the Middle East, the temporary R & D department has added corresponding technical improvements to the equipment to adapt to the local environment; After taking many measures and communicating for many times, the customer was finally convinced, agreed to purchase temporary products and placed an order. Due to the tight construction period, the customer requires that these products with technical improvements must be delivered in a very short time. Sunzhenbo and his colleagues keep an eye on the production progress every day. Under the coordination of the management, the time from signing to delivery of the project is 10 days shorter than the customer's requirements, exceeding the customer's expectations

even at night, when there was a problem, he rushed to the scene at the first time. Overseas, the service was almost the most important.

sunzhenbo remembered that it took about two months to persuade the customer to accept the Chinese brand, "We have taken comprehensive measures to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and dispelled the concerns of customers. After all, choosing temporary products is more economical and secure than using European and American brands. Why not? 7 - ram position? This creates value for customers, and creating value is the most basic demand for customers to buy equipment."

when meeting certain customer groups, how to conduct public relations is also a question for universities. A few years ago, there were lots of undeveloped land in a middle east country. A famous local tribal chief planned to use a loader to level the farmland and build a set of irrigation facilities. Upon learning of this, temporary dealers shall immediately send sales personnel to the local area to contact customers. However, the Sheikh only recognizes foreign brands and does not trust Chinese brands

deal with chiefs together with dealers

chiefs say that it is really good to deal with chiefs. Sun Zhenbo thought hard with local dealers and found a way to deal with chiefs. An employee of the dealer is a member of the chieftain tribe. He comes forward to communicate with the chieftain. He doesn't need to explain the performance, price, etc., but only expresses one meaning: give temporary workers a chance. Sunzhenbo coordinated with the dealer management to send two prototypes for him to use. Sunzhenbo believes that with the quality of temporary work, the chief will be moved. Sure enough, a month later, the Sheikh bought the two equipment at the price of the new machine

in the same sentence, temporary equipment will not disappoint the customer, and the customer has become a loyal temporary customer since then. Driven by the chief, temporary workers sold more than 50 sets of equipment in the region within one year, achieving a bumper harvest. Not only that, the success of temporary construction also changed the attitude of local customers towards Chinese brands, and domestic competitors also took advantage of the temporary construction to obtain some orders

if you win customers' trust, you can become one with them.

sunzhenbo said that it requires a certain investment to let customers try out the equipment, but when others don't trust and agree with your brand, this is a strange trick to open up the situation, because seeing is better than hearing. As long as you choose the right potential customers, you may get excess returns. After tasting the benefits in the Middle East market, in 2015, in order to release and promote new products in the North African market, he held a massive free trial activity to meet their travel needs of more efficient, convenient, green and healthy. Temporary workers and dealers select some benchmarking customers in different industries, so that more customers can actually contact and understand temporary workers' equipment. Through this activity, the promotion of new products in North Africa has achieved great success. Sunzhenbo believes that value is the biggest demand of customers. As long as customers use temporary equipment, they will sincerely trust the temporary brand - because Shandong temporary equipment will create maximum value for customers

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