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How does China's packaging machinery industry stride towards the international market?

packaging machinery industry is a sunrise industry with great market potential and a new growth point for the revitalization of China's packaging industry. China's packaging machinery industry has made remarkable achievements since the 1990s. On the basis of introduction, digestion and absorption, it has begun to develop its own products, and some of them are exported. However, the overall level of China's packaging machinery industry is only equivalent to the international level in the late 1970s and mid 1980s. Although some products have reached the level of developed countries in the late 1990s, the number is very small. Overall, the level of China's packaging machinery industry is only close to that of developed countries in the late 1970s. Knowing the gaps and deficiencies in the packaging machinery industry can only inspire us to catch up with each other. This is the only way out

this paper briefly introduces and compares the situation of packaging machinery industry at home and abroad, so that the products of China's packaging machinery industry can stride towards the world market

I. product variety and quality

China packs and then outputs and prints various required experimental curves and reports. There are only more than 1300 types of mechanical products and supporting quantities. It lacks high-precision and large-scale packaging machinery products, and is still blank in steel two-piece can forming equipment, high-precision electronic metering devices, large-scale hollow container forming machinery, high-speed resistance welding machines, etc

the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy and other countries produce a large number of packaging machinery with a large variety, which has a high share in the international market. With the continuous emergence of new packaging materials, new models are also being introduced. At present, there are about 2300 kinds of packaging machinery products abroad, with a large number of complete sets, which can basically meet the needs of the world packaging industry, and new technologies and products are constantly emerging. In recent years, foreign packaging machinery products on the one hand to high-precision large-scale development; On the other hand, it is developing towards multi-function. For example, the low-dose particle packaging machine of ilapak company in Italy adopts mechanical drum metering and continuous sealing. One machine has multiple stations, and the packaging speed can reach 120 Bags/minute. Its control system adopts microcomputer and programmable control; The bag making, filling and sealing machine of seram and geftt is equipped with an inflation device outside the former to inflate the package to increase the shelf life of the packaged food

the quality gap of domestic products is reflected in the following aspects: low production efficiency, high energy consumption, poor stability and reliability; The product has backward shape, rough appearance, and low service life of basic parts and supporting parts. The poor quality of domestic pneumatic components and electrical components, such as rough appearance, poor performance and short service life, directly affects the quality of the whole machine when used in packaging machinery. Another reason is that the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers have small production scale, backward processing means and slow equipment renewal speed, which do not meet the requirements of the current development speed of packaging machinery technology. There are also backward testing methods and unstable parts processing quality, which also affect the improvement of the overall level of packaging machinery. In addition to the above reasons, the gap in innovation ability, design level and design means of packaging machinery designers is more prominent, which also directly affects the product quality

2. Product technical level and new product development

the technical level of China's packaging machinery products is low, which is mainly reflected in the more significant gap between control technology and product reliability; The speed of technology update is too slow in GB 81095, and the scope of promotion and application of new technologies, new materials and new processes is too narrow. In terms of overall technical level, we are about 20 years behind developed countries. Only about 5% of China's packaging machinery products can reach the national level in the early 1990s, and about 20% of the products can only be equivalent to foreign products in the 1980s, and the remaining 60% can only reach the level of foreign products in the 1970s

in recent years, the United States, Italy, Germany, Japan and other major packaging machinery manufacturers have combined mechanical technology with microelectronic technology and information technology to develop digital, intelligent and flexible new packaging machinery products, and launched a number of new technology products to the international market. For example, in terms of beer filling equipment, foreign advanced manufacturers generally use advanced technologies such as programmable logic controller (PLC), variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) stepless speed regulation technology and PID three role intelligent control, which improves the technical performance, control quality, operation reliability and stability of the filling production line. In addition, a variety of inspection equipment have been developed to improve the inspection function. For example, CCD electronic camera technology is adopted. The detection system developed by the technology of image processing and pattern recognition can detect the residual sundries in the bottle, the collapse of the bottle mouth and bottom; The quality of high-speed filling can be effectively guaranteed by inspecting the bottle shape and color

the medium-sized bag packaging machine produced by Bosch Company in Germany is controlled by PC. as long as the relevant parameters of packaging materials, volume and packaging items are input into the computer, the computer can find a set of optimal adjustment parameters in the memory, and then start the adjustment mechanism to automatically complete the adjustment of heat sealing temperature, positioning size, measuring volume and other parameters. The packaging speed can reach 160 bags per minute

in terms of hollow forming equipment for packaging containers, a remarkable technology is wall thickness control. The servo control system composed of hydraulic servo valves controls the drive of hydraulic cylinders. Some also use electromagnetic change-over valves instead of servo valves to regulate the flow of hydraulic oil and then control the drive cylinders. Through this procedure, the vessel wall thickness can be controlled

it has multiple functions, which is another technical feature of foreign packaging machinery. For example, SVA packaging machine produced by nipak Machinery Co., Ltd. in Japan can complete the packaging of granular materials under normal conditions and sterile conditions, so that the effective storage life of coffee and other foods can be extended. The hollow container "one-step" forming equipment is composed of two mutually independent bottle making lines, which can simultaneously produce PET bottles of the same specification and two PET bottles of different sizes and shapes; Moreover, the two production lines can even produce two different PET bottles at the same time

the gap between new product development and domestic packaging machinery manufacturers is even greater. First of all, the investment in scientific research and development in China is generally insufficient. According to the regulations, the enterprise technology development fee can account for 3% of the sales revenue, but few enterprises can reach this proportion. Compared with foreign countries, the investment of Chinese enterprises is too small; At the same time, the system of technological development and technological innovation of Chinese enterprises is not perfect enough. We have not established a powerful technology center and can not "produce, reserve and develop one". Powerful enterprises in foreign developed countries usually launch some new products within two years. What about domestic enterprises? It will take at least twoorthree years to launch new products, and the development of new products mostly stays at the imitation level, without unique new ideas. The experimental research conditions of Chinese enterprises are poor, the funds are insufficient, and the development cycle is long, so the research and development level cannot go up. From the perspective of talent strength, the proportion of scientific research and design personnel is very small, the new product development and innovation ability is very weak, and the scientific research personnel are in a decentralized state, unable to form a stable and high-quality research and development core force

in developed countries, their packaging machinery enterprises attach great importance to the development of new products. As the main body of technological innovation, enterprises pay more attention to the construction of scientific research teams and new product development teams. Scientific research and development expenses generally account for 8-10% of the sales of enterprises. For example, Heidelberg group in Germany has 1200 employees and nearly 800 research and development personnel. Its annual sales revenue is US $2.2 ~ 2.3 billion, and the research and development expenses account for more than 10% of the sales revenue. While developing new products, developed countries also attach great importance to the transformation of old brands. On the basis of the original models, new functions are added according to the market demand or the performance of the whole machine is improved according to the operation requirements to meet different market needs. The development of new products has a trend towards specialized packaging. It uses electronic technology, testing technology, new materials and new processes to develop new products, pays attention to the application of basic theories in experimental research, and lays a solid foundation for research and development

III. production technology and enterprise management

packaging machinery enterprises in the United States, Italy, Germany, Japan and other major packaging machinery manufacturers have more advanced processing equipment and better technical management and quality management means. They have generally adopted cad/cam technology, and CNC machining centers and flexible manufacturing systems are also widely used, thus ensuring the quality of machining. The common application of computer aided design (CAD) brings great convenience to product design, shortens the development cycle of new products and improves the design quality. With the application of computer aided process (CAPP) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) technology, the process personnel only need to process the stored processing program during part processing, with high quality and fast speed. In this regard, Meyer company in the United States is the most typical. Since 1995, it has spent a huge amount of investment and updated most of its equipment. There are only 12 processing centers. Parts with high dimensional accuracy, especially those with high requirements for shape and position accuracy, are completed on various machining centers, so that the machining quality of parts can be guaranteed. Meyer also uses the numerical control laser cutting machine for cutting stainless steel plates. The cutting is accurate, the incision is smooth, and the deformation is very small. All kinds of welding operations are mostly completed by manipulator, with high welding quality. The liquid storage cylinder is a key component of the filling machine. Its inner wall requires mirror polishing, and the process is very difficult. Simonazzi adopts split polishing, which is simple in process, easy to ensure quality and low in processing cost. In order to ensure the quality of the surface coating of the machine, simonazzi company has adopted very strict process measures. Before spraying, it is not only necessary to carry out pretreatment such as sand blasting, but also the spraying process is meticulous, which should be carried out in a special operation room. The air in the operation room is filtered and purified to ensure that the coating is firmly attached

the production technology, sales and other management work of packaging machinery enterprises in the United States, Italy, Germany, Japan and other countries has basically realized computerization. In Meyer company, the computer has stored all the data of the company in the past 40 years. Any information you want can be retrieved at any time. Simonazzi has also realized computer management for the storage of product parts. As long as the parts required for the assembly of the machine are input into the computer, the parts can be transferred out at any time

compared with developed countries such as the United States and Italy, China's packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises have a low level of technical equipment and less investment in technical transformation. The self impact testing machine is a fine testing instrument that can measure the mechanical functions, process functions, internal defects and verify the dynamic changes of parts and components under various conditions. 5. The ability to develop after testing is not strong. There is a lack of special and precise processing equipment, and there are common problems such as obsolete equipment, low efficiency and poor precision, which directly affect the appearance and internal quality of products. Now we have entered the era of socialist market economy. There must be new breakthroughs in the consciousness of market competition, product quality and new product development, so that our packaging machinery products can go to the national market

from now to 2010, the main task of the packaging machinery industry is to improve product quality and develop new products, with microelectronics and computer technology as the first

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