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Two species: professional managers and bosses

there is a story about the difference between professional managers and bosses

one day, the professional manager and the boss passed by Jingyanggang and drank in the shop where Wu Song drank. The shopkeeper also told them that there was a tiger in front of them. But if they want to hurry, they still have to cross the border on time, otherwise they will lose market opportunities and lose a lot

the professional manager said to the boss, "we'd better wait a minute. Maybe someone will come and we will walk together. When there are many people, the tiger will be afraid and won't eat us."

the boss thought carefully and said quietly, "why should we go with others? When the tiger comes, we will kill him. It is ours. We can't give it to others."

this story tells their thinking that it is not only necessary to replace the fuse; If it is the same as inciting the lamp to burn. This is very normal. The way of thinking is determined by identity. One is a part-time worker and the other is a boss. Only when thinking differently can it be normal and balanced. Only when thinking the same can it be problematic

different risk awareness

generally speaking, professional managers avoid risks and always think about what to do if they fail to do so, so they try to achieve their goals at a low cost. The boss wants to challenge the risks. He always thinks about how much profit he will get if it is done, so he wants to put all his interests in his own pocket. The reason why a boss is a boss is that he has such an adventurous spirit

in fact, the boss, like us, was a poor man in those days. He may not be as smart as us, and he may not have been admitted to university, but he was brave enough to fight for a while, but he unexpectedly succeeded. When the boss is fighting, there are still many opportunities in the market. Originally, we also had the opportunity to develop. But we are all "good students", learning "knowledge" that can only be used in examinations to prove that the education system is correct, that teachers are noble, and that society is fair. When I came to the society, I found that there was no opportunity and no ability to learn, so I had to work for the "bad students" of that year to learn survival skills. After a few years, if you have not been eliminated by your boss and become a professional manager, you must retain your previous thinking, avoid risks and be cautious. The longer you go to school, the more knowledge you have and the more rules you have, the easier it is to become a professional manager rather than a boss

loyalty is different

their thinking about loyalty is different. Professional managers are loyal to their own profession, followed by loyalty to the boss. If there is a conflict between the two, it must be the professional loyalty first and the enterprise loyalty last, because that is the guy he eats. If you feel that this enterprise is not suitable, change your boss, but do not change your major. It can not be a "brick" and let the boss move. The boss thinks that since you take my salary, you should listen to me and do what I ask you to do. He regards professional managers as enterprise managers and requires them to be loyal to the enterprise first. There are contradictions

so the smart professional manager said in front of the boss, "first of all, I am loyal to the company. I want to develop with the company and make our business bigger together." It's time to resign. The smart boss felt proud and said, "you are all the pillars of the company. The development of the company depends on your efforts. Only when you develop can the company develop. Only when you are satisfied can the customers be satisfied and the company be satisfied." Therefore, it will really give the other party a good platform. Both sides are happy. The professional ability of professional managers has been brought into play, which reflects the value, and the boss has made money. Good processing formability. It's time to fire the squid

in a word, people are not themselves in the Jianghu. It is only natural that professional managers should be loyal to their profession first, and bosses should be loyal to the enterprise first

in the Jianghu, there are often betrayals by professional managers and ruthlessness by bosses. The innovative design of professional managers' components and the promise of technology can help solve these problems. The usual way is to bring the boss' customers or the boss' technology to "start a business", just like the Internet company in those days. From their perspective, how can we "start a business" without these resources? The boss started his business in this way. The ruthlessness of the boss is reflected in the "birds do, good bow hide". The power supply of the company should be equipped with air switches and leakage protection devices. At a certain stage, a professional manager is needed. After this stage, the professional manager will be "hung up" and his cronies will be used, so the professional manager will become a "wax man"

whether you are a professional manager or a boss, if you want to be more open, you are two species, one is a cow that eats grass, the other is a tiger that eats meat. How can you urinate in a pot? It is normal to be different. It is normal to be wary of each other. It is normal to betray each other. But just because of this difference, both sides need to make continuous progress and growth. It is also a good thing for the society to make progress and the enterprise to develop

boss. You see how hard professional managers are working for you. Can't you be generous and give some shares? Otherwise, people will start their own business. You have fewer right-hand men and more opponents who know the roots and the bottom. Why

professional managers. How nice the boss is to you. He gives you shares, has a platform, and values you. Do you mean to "start a business"? Do you have a good conscience? The risk is also great! Dancing with wolves is a hero

therefore, each has his own position and his own place! Are you happy

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