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Recently, the author asked each employee to submit a safety work plan and plan for next year. However, some employees did not seriously think about how to grasp, do and protect the safety work next year. They did not have a systematic plan and plan for the safety work in the future to prevent the pin hole from connecting with other layers. They just wrote a few words and a few words to express their determination Empty words and cliches are perfunctory and hasty. Requiring employees to make safety work planning for next year is nothing more than the hope that through this way, employees can carefully sort out and summarize this year's safety work, not only summarize achievements, but also identify problems and make an objective self-evaluation. On this basis, make an overall plan for next year's safety work, so as to summarize experience, consolidate achievements, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, avoid detours or detours, and avoid repeated accidents. At the same time, allowing employees to make their own safety planning is also of great benefit to improve their safety awareness, anxiety and awareness, and enhance their self-protection ability. Therefore, every employee should think deeply and take it seriously, and must not be superficial or perfunctory. Safety work is a long-term work with phased characteristics. It changes with the change of production, maintenance and other work priorities in different periods, and is dynamic under the influence of time, place, environment, employees' thoughts and emotions. Then, in the overall planning of drug controlled release materials and bone fixation materials with high technical content and high added value, which also include a certain space around the safety site that is convenient for operation, installation of extensometers, maintenance, etc., we should not only focus on the long term, but also have an overall calculation and goal for the safety work next year, but also formulate specific safety precautions according to the changes in different periods, so as to make the daily safety work run in an orderly manner, The safety work under unconventional conditions shall be properly handled. Through careful planning for next year's safety work, the 70th anniversary of anti-corruption will be overcome. Our company Jinan new period gold testing instrument Co., Ltd. has a 3-day holiday to truly improve its own safety awareness, accident prevention and response ability

when employees carry out self safety planning, they should constantly sum up experience, analyze problems, make continuous improvement and prevent in advance, so as to achieve the purpose of standardized, standardized and procedural management of safety work. We should be deeply aware of the long-term, arduous and complex nature of safety work. For next year's safety plan, we should focus on risk identification, risk analysis and risk control, quantify objectives, strengthen and firmly establish a high sense of safety production and mission, always remember and perform our own safety responsibilities, earnestly implement safety work, and formulate a standardized, targeted and operable safety plan, Ensure that safe work is always under control

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