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How can imported fruit labels be sold casually

some stations even sell counterfeit imported fruit labels printed in China for various purposes, including apple, kiwi fruit, orange and so on. These counterfeit labels are very cheap, less than a penny each. As we all know, labels of imported fruits should be printed and posted in the country of origin; Who are the buyers of fake labels sold at that station and what do you do with them after you buy them

a few days ago, I logged into a website and saw that imported fruit labels were being sold here, 3600 stickers per package, priced at 20 yuan. The English origin printed on the label is New Zealand. According to the sales records, 23 imported Apple labels and 16 banana labels were sold in the past month. These labels are oval self-adhesive products with code, place of origin, address, etc. If you enter several addresses, the domain name appears to be wrong or does not exist at all, which is a fake. In addition, some fake imported fruit outer packing boxes can also be bought on

who is buying these imported fruit labels and boxes? Mr. Zhang, who has been engaged in high-end fruit business for many years, said that most of those who buy these labels are fruit producers and sellers. After buying domestic fruits at a low price, they put up fake imported fruit labels on them to make profits. In addition, some fruit farmers have also introduced fruit seeds from abroad for cultivation in China. Due to the appearance and measurement range of the picked fruit: the international influence of the 2% 100% plastic extruder industry with the maximum experimental power continues to rise. There is no difference in imported fruits. Some producers stick import trademarks on the fruits and sell them to sellers, with the price at least doubling

in recent days, I have seen in some large supermarkets that the labels of some imported fruits are suspicious: first, the labels are confused, like a snake fruit with three different trademarks. Second, some labels have fuzzy handwriting and rough printing. Third, some labels are easy to tear off. According to Mr. Zhang, the labels of the same imported fruit must be unified, and it is impossible to sign more than one fruit; The label posted is very firm and can not be torn off easily; The printing is exquisite and there will be no blur

according to Mr. Zhang, the reason why these fruits with fake import labels deceive people is that first, Chinese people do not have a strong ability to distinguish imported fruits, which is easy to be fooled; Second, some supermarkets do not strictly control imported fruits; Third, the competent authorities' market inspection is not enough, so that counterfeiters can take advantage of it. Mr. Zhang suggested that when buying imported fruits, citizens should ask the seller for the customs quarantine report, and never just look at the label

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