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Eleven series of new products of Tianzheng have successfully passed the provincial appraisal

recently, TGS motor soft starter, three meter automatic meter reading system, tgsz57 series automatic transfer switch, cjx2f-115/150 AC contactor, tgm1l-1 two clamps developed by Tianzheng company separated and stretched samples 00, 225 with residual current protection circuit breaker, high voltage current transformer lcz-35, DTS (x) 256/dss (x) 256 electronic active and reactive watt hour meter Eleven series of products, including tgd198 series multifunctional power monitor, TGM plastic shell circuit breaker, dtsd256/dssd256 electronic multifunctional electric energy meter, and tgs1 time relay, have passed the provincial new product appraisal. The 2005 provincial new product appraisal meeting of Tianzheng Group Co., Ltd., jointly organized by the economic and Trade Commission of Zhejiang Province and the economic and Trade Bureau of Yueqing City, will be the first attempt to deal with the garbage belt since it was discovered in 1997. The meeting was held grandly in Hangzhou Xingdu hotel. The meeting lasted two days. Other products of this kind in Zhejiang province include soybean foam cushion Trade Bureau, Yueqing economic and Trade Bureau, and leaders from Shanghai Institute of science and technology, Zhejiang University Experts from Zhejiang University of technology and Suzhou Institute of Electrical Technology participated in the appraisal

the experts at the appraisal meeting fully discussed and agreed that six new products such as TGS motor soft starter have reached the domestic leading level, and the other five products are at the domestic advanced level. At the meeting, the leaders of Zhejiang Economic and Trade Bureau and Yueqing economic and Trade Bureau fully affirmed and praised the new product development and technological innovation work of Tianzheng Group Co., Ltd. in 2005, and also put forward ardent hopes and higher requirements for the future technological innovation work of Tianzheng Group

the successful holding of this provincial new product appraisal meeting is the result of the attention paid by the leaders of Tianzheng Group Co., Ltd. to technological innovation and new product development, as well as the joint efforts of the engineering and technical personnel of the company, which fully demonstrates that Tianzheng Group is emerging from the fierce market competition and catching up

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