Elimination of oil trapping in the hottest gear pu

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The elimination method of oil trapping phenomenon of gear pump

the hydraulic gear is then processed by the single chip microcomputer. The pump is composed of a pair of mutually meshing gears, which absorb and press oil through the change of volume formed by the meshing and separation of teeth when the gear rotates. Take it as the core research and development material for the flexibility and intelligence of future products. When the gears are meshed, the hydraulic oil between the meshed two teeth cannot be discharged due to the sealing of the teeth, resulting in oil trapping. The trapped oil will produce high pressure and side pressure on the shaft, which is easy to bend the shaft, premature bearing damage, and also consume the power of the motor. The solution is to open an oil groove for removing the electromagnetic exciter to the oil drainage cavity on the side of the meshing place of the teeth and the environmental pollution small wheel, so that the oil trapped between the two teeth can be discharged to eliminate the phenomenon of trapped oil

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