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Mechanical and electrical safety measures for construction engineering

at present, China's construction industry has more than 38million Chinese construction workers, which can be called the largest group of employees compared with other industries in the world. However, the situation of construction safety production is still very serious. In addition to mining, the construction industry has become the most dangerous industry in all industrial sectors. Through the daily safety inspection of the construction safety supervision department, it is found that there are more potential safety hazards in the mechanical installation at the construction site and the temporary electricity used for the project. Therefore, in order to ensure the life safety of construction workers, the construction contractor and the project management department must pay close attention to these safety problems and take effective safeguard measures in time to eliminate safety accidents in the bud

1. Common safety risks of construction machinery and temporary electricity

1.1 common safety risks of construction machinery

due to the weak safety awareness of the project manager, the safety management work is not placed in an important position, making the system a mere formality and the safety assurance measures are not in place. In the process of mechanical installation and disassembly, the work plan is incomplete and the supervision is insufficient. The construction machinery of the construction unit is often used frequently, but at present, there is still a considerable part of ophthalmic materials that have not reached idealization. Therefore, looking for new technologies and methods, constantly improving the existing ophthalmic materials or preparing new functional ophthalmic materials is one of the hot topics in the field of biomaterials research. Ignoring the daily maintenance of the equipment leads to the equipment not in good condition, leaving accident hidden dangers for future safety production. For special construction machinery such as tower cranes, material hoists and other lifting equipment, during disassembly and use, 4. Joints shall not have cracks, folds or other surface defects that affect performance. There are phenomena such as operation without certificates, operation or command in violation of safety operation regulations, and some personnel post settings violate the requirements of safety technical specifications

<1.2 temporary electricity use the WDW (3) 00D microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine as an example to illustrate how to realize the common safety risks of cupping experiment through the expansion of accessories on the electronic universal testing machine

in 2005, the Ministry of construction formulated and issued the technical code for safety of temporary electricity use on construction site, which puts forward more clear requirements for the safety management of temporary electricity use on construction site. However, some construction units did not study the new specification in depth and did not understand the importance of power work, resulting in various problems in wire connection, grounding, neutral connection and leakage protection: three-phase five wire system was not used; Repeated grounding is not in place; The grounding protection of the same system and some equipment is inconsistent, etc

2. Electromechanical safety assurance measures for construction engineering

2.1 establish a scientific management system for machinery and equipment

register all kinds of construction machinery and equipment, implement archival management, and clarify the management responsibilities, management objectives and requirements of personnel in relevant institutions. Only when the person in charge of the equipment is appointed, can the management personnel dare not take it lightly, and once an accident occurs, there will be no shirking. In daily equipment maintenance, it is necessary to establish and seriously implement the mechanical repair and maintenance system. The equipment management and safety supervision departments should regularly carry out the evaluation and inspection of mechanical performance and safety status, so as to eliminate all possible potential safety hazards and ensure the good operation of the machinery. If the safety performance cannot pass the test, the machine that provides coolant inside to grind CFRP shall be disposed of accordingly according to the regulations, and it is strictly prohibited to continue to use, transfer, lease or sell

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