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Special rectification actions for illegal acts of food additives use electronic scales and other scales

with the upcoming introduction of relevant national standards, the production and use of food additives will be more standardized. Of course, we should strengthen our awareness of self-protection and learn more about food safety, especially don't buy food with too bright color, too strong taste and abnormal taste

recently, in order to strengthen the quality and safety supervision of vermicelli noodles and flour products, the State Administration of market supervision carried out special rectification to severely crack down on the illegal use of food additives beyond the scope and limit. The use of weighing scales (such as electronic scales) makes it more convenient to weigh food additives. The simulation slate is made of lighter recycled plastic and the earliest indented nail method. It is more accurate, which is convenient for food processing enterprises to accurately control the residue of additives

when it comes to additives, people may have the first impression that food is unsafe and contains preservatives, but in fact it is not. Many additives in China can be used to add food, such as preservatives, antioxidants, sweeteners, bulking agents, flavor enhancers, colorants, enzymes, nutritional enhancers, etc., but the premise is that they should be added reasonably, and non edible substances and food additives beyond the scope and limit can not be added

since alum and other aluminum containing bulking agents are used in most foods, such as fried flour products such as steamed bread, steamed stuffed buns, fried dough sticks, fried dough twist, baked foods such as bread, cake, pastry, vermicelli, noodles, etc., it is not excluded that some businesses, in order to save costs and improve the taste of food, despise the provisions on the dosage of raw materials and food additives in the national food safety standard for the use of food additives, which is beyond the scope Use food additives beyond the limit

of course, some small manufacturers and workshops may not strictly control the use of food additives or have weighing instruments due to the limitations of processing technology, equipment and other related conditions, but there will be excessive use of food additives if the weighing is not accurate and the operation is not standardized. It is true that in any case, additives (aluminum residues) of aluminum containing ladder shaped lead screw products are the focus of rectification by relevant departments

the author learned that in the special rectification, the focus is to check whether the dosage of raw materials and food additives is weighed in the production and processing process, and whether aluminum containing food additives are used beyond the scope and limit. At this time, the weighing problem needs to be considered, which inevitably involves food weighing equipment, also known as weighing instrument, which is mainly used for weighing the weight of large industrial objects or weighing instruments of related materials in food production

as mentioned above, the operation is not standardized, the operation is negligent, or the performance of the weighing equipment itself is limited, and the selection is inappropriate. The operator of the material instrument should carefully browse and understand the correct protection and maintenance method of the wire rod changing the experimental machine. The inaccurate weight weighing is not ruled out in terms of food additives, which leads to the excessive use of additives. With the continuous development of weighing equipment and the strict requirements for the amount of raw materials, ingredients and food additives in food production, there are different types of weighing instruments in the market, such as electronic scales, electronic analytical scales, mechanical scales, commercial scales and so on

in the face of many weighing equipment, electronic analytical balance is a relatively advanced weighing instrument, especially suitable for the food processing industry, which has high requirements on the weight of materials. Generally, materials can be accurately weighed to 0.0001 grams (0.1 mg), making weighing simpler, more convenient and more accurate. In addition, the development and application of modern sensor technology, electronic technology and computer technology not only effectively solve the weighing requirements of "fast, accurate and automatic" in industrial production, but also eliminate certain human errors, which is convenient for food processing enterprises to control the residue of additives within the standard range

it is worth mentioning that because the electronic analytical balance is connected with the computer for data weighing and statistics, and equipped with sensors, it can not only meet the needs of continuous operation, but also ensure the accuracy of material weighing. In addition, it has many functions, such as automatic fault detection, automatic calibration, overload protection, etc., so as to ensure the safety of the electronic analytical balance

although the state only stipulates the appropriate use of relevant food additives, it does not specify the provisions for the use of special weighing equipment. However, in order to regulate the amount of food additives, food processing enterprises still need to equip relevant weighing equipment (such as electronic analytical balance) on the basis of repeatedly consulting the opinions of relevant departments, relevant enterprises, industry experts and scholars, so as to meet the requirements of weighing accuracy and avoid exceeding the range due to negligence He was punished for using food additives beyond the limit

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