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With the rapid development of digital printing, many brand manufacturers are also aware of the popularity of the application of digital printing equipment, especially the digital printing machines produced by Aoxi, Canon, HP and Xerox have been highly praised by the insiders. However, two key factors, digital printing cost and printing effect, limit the wide application of digital printing machine in printing plants. The cost of digital printing and the effect of digital printing are contradictory in many models of digital printing machines, so it is difficult to have both. This is also the ultimate goal of brand manufacturers that need to be constantly improved

why can't we achieve the offset effect of traditional printing? As long as we compare the working principles of ordinary digital printing machines and traditional offset printing machines, we can find the problem. The fundamental reason is that the traditional printing machine infiltrates the paper medium through electronic ink, while the digital printing machine mostly dissolves the toner into the paper medium through high-temperature fixing

digital printing machines that can compete with offset printing effect are mainly Aoxi digital printing machines and HP Indigo in the market at present. The most important reason why these two digital printing machines can be distinguished from other brand machines in terms of printing effect is the application of electronic ink technology. Here are two kinds of electronic ink technologies:

1 Osico printing technology

2 HP indigo electronic ink technology, namely HP electroink

what is HP indigo electronic ink technology

HP indigo electronic ink technology, namely HP electroink, is a unique liquid ink (liquid EP), which combines the advantages of digital printing with the quality of liquid ink. HP electroink is a charged pigment based particle suspended in liquid, which is similar to other digital printing technologies, namely dry EP (or electrostatic copy). HP electroink electronically controls the position of printing particles to realize digital printing. However, unlike dry EP, HP electroink particle size is very small, only 1 to 2 microns. HP electroink is supplied to customers in concentrated form and packed into printers in pollution-free cans. Inside the equipment, it is fully mixed and diluted with image oil in the ink jar to form a mixture of image oil and ink particles for printing

imaging principle of HP indigo electronic ink technology

first charge the imaging board evenly, and then the laser head discharges the laser beam on the imaging board according to the dot matrix format of the color after Rip (the point potential of the imaging board becomes zero), and the electronic ink of this color will adhere to the imaging area of the imaging board to form an image layer under the action of electric field force. The image layer is also transferred to the blanket through the potential difference between the imaging drum and the blanket drum. Electronic ink in rubber blanket in fact, the configuration of rubber tensile testing machine in many laboratories may not fully meet the requirements of relevant standards. After heating, it is dissolved, transferred to the substrate through pressure, and then solidified and attached to the substrate. The imaging process of other colors is the same, and it is realized on a set of rollers (color conversion technology)

how HP indigo electronic ink technology supports the performance required for high-quality color digital printing

the particle size in the liquid container makes the image resolution high, gloss uniform, edge clear, and the layer is very thin, which is closely combined with the paper, so it can produce a perfect effect

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