Electrostatic fault in the hottest screen printing

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Electrostatic fault in silk screen printing

electrostatic current is generally very small, but the potential difference is very large, together with attraction, repulsion, conduction, discharge and other phenomena

① adverse effects on silk printing. During printing, the rubber part and ribbon are electrified due to the pressure and scraping of the scraper rubber. The wire itself has an amplitude of 50 (80) yuan, which will affect the normal inking and cause blocking failure; The substrate will be sucked by the silk at the moment of output

a. glass is easy to be charged during printing

b. static electricity is easy to make the glass surface absorb ink particles, making the glass surface unclean

c. electric shock of human body caused by static electricity is caused by contacting with electrified objects or spark discharge caused by static electricity during grounding before accumulation. Although the current generated by electric shock is very small and will not be dangerous, electric shock often occurs, which will have a negative impact on the psychology of tens of thousands of operators and employees

② methods to prevent static electricity. The methods to prevent static electricity are: adjust the ambient temperature and increase the air humidity. The appropriate temperature is generally about 20 ℃ and the relative humidity is about 60%; It can transfer static electricity in wet air; Reduce the distance and reduce the printing speed

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