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The multi brand strategy of door and window enterprises needs to be vigilant against three major "Stumbling block

in the highly competitive door and window market, in order to occupy the market to the greatest extent, implement cross coverage for consumers, and reduce business risks, many pioneers in the door and window industry began to try out multi brand management strategies, in order to obtain more market share and profit space through different businesses. However, the extension of multi brands is by no means overnight. From market research , from product launch to advertising, every work will consume a lot of human and material resources of the enterprise. This is undoubtedly a great test for some door and window enterprises that are not stable in the market. Therefore, door and window enterprises must be vigilant against the three "stumbling blocks" when using the multi brand strategy

lack of differences in core brand values

on the surface, the brands of domestic door and window enterprises have their own core values and brand positioning, but in fact, the core values of similar door and window enterprises lack obvious differences, and such brands can temporarily occupy a certain amount of market. 5. Beam displacement measurement: the resolution is 0.01mm, which is the product of consumers' consumption rationality not taking shape in the domestic high-speed economic development, With the stable development of the economy and the improvement of the comprehensive quality of consumers, the requirements for brands will also be higher and higher. When the brand is not on the same line with their spiritual demands, consumers' desire to buy will not be strong. When the brand is snubbed by consumers, the brand will lose its sustainable momentum, and the core brand value of door and window enterprises will quickly fall behind. When the core brand value has been unable to stand, Can corporate brands survive

the internal friction caused by the collision between brands

the multi brand strategy can be implemented in the enterprise. It must be that the door and window enterprise has a category that performs well in the market and has a good development momentum in the future. Adding one or more brands can better meet the needs of different consumer groups, so as to increase profits for the company. However, in the actual operation, we will find that most of the main brand channel providers will also operate the company's sub brands at the same time, and there are many door and window enterprises operating in the same channel at the same time. This pattern has not yet changed. The advantage is that it can increase the sense of belonging of the channel providers, and the brands can be listed quickly, but the disadvantage is also obvious. The operation team and resources of the channel providers cannot make multiple brands work together at the same time, And the marketing team is also easy to collide between door and window brands due to the competition for channel resources and the decline of mechanical properties, resulting in internal friction

the allocation of resources between main and sub brands is not clear

marketing resources are always scarce resources in enterprises. If door and window enterprises want to dominate in the fierce market competition, they need to invest marketing resources that are proportional to the rate of return. At present, many door and window enterprises lack reasonable planning in the allocation of marketing resources. There are too many humanized aspects in the management and control of resources. The main brand of the company has been formed, and the sub brand is lack in all aspects. The company will invest resources in the sub brand. When the main brand is attacked by the market, it will transfer resources to protect the main brand

today's door and window market, relying on the power of a single brand, it is difficult to catch up with and surpass the leading brands that have more advantages than them. If we have several brands with different positioning and consumption demands at the same time, we can not only occupy market share to a greater extent, but also bring the threat to leading brands as wolves besiege tigers. In this way, the purpose of the door and window enterprises to implement the multi brand strategy has also become very clear: to defeat the leading brand with more enemies and become a leading brand. However, the brand building construction of enterprises needs the accumulation and construction of bricks and tiles, and it also needs the precipitation of time. Therefore, door and window enterprises must be cautious in using multi brand strategy. Only by eliminating impetuousness and throwing away flashiness, can they solidly promote the brand construction strategy of enterprises and win the market

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