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Laboratory electronic recording system

life scientists have long felt that in order to simplify daily laboratory work management, electronic laboratory recording system is needed to ensure accurate and timely archiving and management of knowledge achievements. This paper will introduce the progressiveness of electronic laboratory recording system

researchers usually spend a lot of time every week collecting various data and recording them in notebooks. In addition, it also takes a lot of time to sort out these records and make classified reports. The diversity and complexity of data make scientific instrument vendors and analysis software vendors believe that it is necessary to create a software/hardware solution to meet the needs of the technology market. Paper notebook is only a part of this huge system, which is used to manage data, records and documents in formal or informal situations

in the past, due to immature software technology and lack of understanding of flexibility and legal effectiveness in scientific work, there have been obstacles in developing a widely used electronic laboratory recording system. A fully electronic management system needs to have the following characteristics:

■ safety and poor tightness control of polypropylene impact performance

■ data sources based on project and department statistics

■ whole process audit, tracking and verification of electronic signatures

■ directly import and export various types of data (windows, UNIX, MAC)

■ archive the original data, and the processed data can be traced back to the original data

■ Notepad can be set up flexibly according to the needs of individuals or departments

key components

in order to fully comply with the legal provisions, the collected and classified data should have direct sources. The source can be experimental instruments or forms or documents directly produced by researchers. In this way, the data is directly entered into the database without interference or processing, which is very important for complying with the laws and scientific laws. And all data are marked with time and date for tracking

in addition, only authorized individuals can call these data, and the call records will also be stored in the database. When researchers are authorized to use the database, the components and modules set in the system can be activated. The extraction of required electronic data is as simple as using copy/paste function in word software with the rapid development of new energy vehicles

data management platform

in a recent survey, nugenesis technology I achieved the global optimization of technical solutions. Es found that more than 50% of the original data from the drug research and development community were stored in scientists' local computers or paper notebooks. Therefore, developing a software platform for data storage and extraction based on security authentication system is one of their most urgent needs. Another required function is to search metadata information in the database by classifying and filtering readability reports. 5. Automatic storage of sample information, experimental data, experimental curves, etc. after the automatic completion of the experiment. Both the reports generated by experimental instruments and those produced by researchers can be stored in the database and shared with researchers around the world

the convenience of this platform is that it is not necessary to open the report with the software of the experimental instrument that generates the report. This is very important for the electronic experiment recording system. In addition, each data package should contain hyperlinks that can be traced back to the original document to facilitate rapid and efficient recovery when needed


through the implementation of the above core technologies, a set of data collection, classification, storage and extraction platform is established, and combined with commercial word form processing software, scientific data management can achieve paperless office, help to improve research efficiency, and facilitate global cooperation and exchange. At the same time, taking into account the requirements of regulations, create reliable electronic records. So is this electronic experimental recording system a product or a process? It is suitable for variable data types, chromosome research, pharmaceutical chemistry, basic medical research and other broad areas of biopharmaceutical research. Therefore, it should be said that it is a process, a complex system engineering, rather than a single product. (end)

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