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How will the evolution of industrial interconnection platforms change the technological development of manufacturing industry

Abstract: from the issuance of the guiding opinions on deepening the development of industrial interconnection by "interconnection + Advanced Manufacturing" (hereinafter referred to as the Guiding Opinions) to the establishment of a special group on industrial interconnection, why does the state attach so much importance to industrial interconnection

from the issuance of the guiding opinions on deepening the development of industrial interconnection by "interconnection + Advanced Manufacturing" (hereinafter referred to as the guiding opinions on the control of electromechanical start-up) to the establishment of a special group on industrial interconnection, why does the state attach so much importance to industrial interconnection

because industrial interconnection is a new track for leading enterprises to compete, from the perspective of the development stage of global industrial interconnection, it is currently in the critical period of undetermined pattern, the window period of large-scale expansion, and the opportunity period of seizing the dominant power. The opportunity is very rare, and the window period is also very short, so China's manufacturing industry needs to seize this opportunity to accelerate the development of industrial interconnection

what is the industrial Internet platform

what is the industrial interconnection platform at the core of industrial interconnection? The white paper on industrial interconnection platform gives the following architecture:

the architecture of industrial interconnection platform can be summarized into the following four points:

1. Data acquisition (edge layer) is the foundation, that is, to build an accurate, real-time and efficient data acquisition system, to collect data, through protocol conversion and edge computing, part of it is processed on the edge side and directly returned to the machine equipment, Some of them will be transferred to the cloud for comprehensive utilization analysis and further optimization to form decisions

2. Industrial PAAS (platform layer) is the core. That is to build an extensible operating system to provide a basic platform for industrial app application development

3. Industrial app (application layer) is the key. That is to form application services that meet different industries and scenarios, and present them in the form of industrial apps

4. IAAs is support. That is to pool computing, storage, networking and other resources through virtualization technology to provide users with measurable and flexible resource services

four modes of industrial interconnection platform development

since 2013, all kinds of industrial entities in the world have actively deployed. At present, the number of global industrial interconnection platforms exceeds 150. Since 2017, platform development has stepped into the fast lane, and dozens of platform products have been released in China alone. From the perspective of the layout strategy of domestic and foreign platform enterprises, there are mainly four Jinan testing machine factories to understand the path of "he Erdogan was elected president of Turkey"

1. Equipment and automation enterprises rely on industrial equipment and experience accumulation, and rely on industrial interconnection platforms to innovate service modes. For example, Ge builds the predix platform based on the open source PAAS architecture cloud foundry, and provides rich support for application developers by integrating the micro service architecture, so as to realize the rapid construction, testing and deployment of intelligent applications. Relying on its equipment management experience, Sany Heavy Industry incubates the tree root interconnection focusing on the construction of industrial interconnection platform, and builds the PAAS platform based on open source docker technology. It has flexible application development and deployment capabilities, and provides industrial application services such as asset management, predictive maintenance, product life cycle management, industry chain finance and model innovation

2. Leading manufacturing enterprises will transform their digital transformation experience into service capabilities and build industrial interconnection platforms. For example, Haier's cosmoplat platform connects customer needs, product orders, cooperative production, raw material supply, product design, production assembly and intelligent analysis, and carries out real-time communication and analysis to meet the needs of large-scale customization. The aerospace cloud Indics platform brings together more than 1 million enterprises, and on this basis provides services such as supply and demand docking, smart factory transformation, cloud manufacturing and resource sharing

3. Software enterprises focus on their own business upgrading needs and achieve capacity expansion with the help of industrial interconnection platforms. For example, the smart yonyou industrial Internet platform connects with internet marketing and customers through the marketing cloud on the client side, suppliers through the procurement cloud on the supply side, inherits the functions of the original ERP in the factory, and optimizes through the cloud. At the workshop equipment end, different types of equipment can be quickly accessed through the IOT platform for monitoring, so as to help customers quickly connect equipment and quickly realize multi terminal real-time services. PTC thingworx platform is based on a large number of design modules to realize product research and development design, which greatly saves the design and development cycle. At the same time, the platform realizes the full life cycle management of product production based on thingworx studio augmented reality development environment and network experience service integrated with CAD product digital model and vuforia technology, as well as digital twin service

4. Information technology enterprises give full play to their technological advantages and extend their existing platforms to the manufacturing field. For example, IBM bluemix platform cooperates with Bosch to deploy Bosch IOT suite services on the platform, so as to help IBM improve the underlying device IOT and data collection capabilities, and realize advanced device management services and cloud computing software updates based on data. Microsoft azure IOT platform focuses on building service capabilities such as remote device monitoring, predictive maintenance, factory connection and visualization, so as to improve the ability to support manufacturing scenarios. With the help of related devices, software agents and IOT management system, Huawei oceanconnect platform realizes various underlying data collection and integration, and provides many high-value industrial applications, such as smart home, car service, intelligent meter reading, intelligent parking, safe city, etc., by providing API interfaces, development kits and data analysis services

as Yang Xueshan, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said: Industrial interconnection platforms are diverse, with different levels and types of platforms to meet different needs and realize different values. Why is it necessarily pluralistic? Because the manufacturing industry itself is diverse, different industries and scales have different physical systems, so the industrial interconnection with the surname of industry and interconnection must also be diverse

analyze the four application scenarios of industrial interconnection platform

1 Production process optimization for industrial sites

the industrial interconnection platform can effectively collect and aggregate production site data such as equipment operation data, process parameters, quality inspection data, material distribution data and progress management data, and realize optimized application in specific scenarios such as manufacturing process, production process, quality management, equipment maintenance and energy consumption management through data analysis and feedback

2. Management decision optimization for enterprise operation

with the help of industrial Internet platform, we can get through production site data, enterprise management data and supply chain data, improve decision-making efficiency, and achieve more accurate and transparent enterprise management. Its specific scenarios include supply chain management optimization, production management and control integration, enterprise decision management, etc

3. The optimized allocation and collaboration of resources for socialized production

the industrial interconnection platform can realize the comprehensive connection between manufacturing enterprises and external user needs, innovative resources and production capacity, and promote the parallel organization and collaborative optimization of design, manufacturing, supply and service links. Its specific scenarios include collaborative manufacturing, manufacturing capability trading and personalized customization

4. Management and service optimization for the whole life cycle of products

the industrial interconnection platform can comprehensively integrate product design, production, operation and service data. Based on the traceability of the whole life cycle, it can realize manufacturability prediction in the design link, realize health management in the use link, and improve product design through the feedback of production and use data. At present, its specific scenarios mainly include product traceability, remote predictive maintenance of products/equipment, product design feedback optimization, etc

what new technologies does the industrial Internet platform bring to the manufacturing industry

1. The industrial IOT platform enables everything to connect the future

the core of the industrial interconnection platform is the industrial IOT, through which machines and equipment can be interconnected quickly. In the era of PC interconnection, the connection of billions of computers has been realized, bringing about a revolution in information and trading methods; In the era of mobile Internet, billions of connections have been realized, bringing about a revolution in social networking and lifestyle; With the advent of the era of industrial interconnection, the interconnection of everything at the level of 10 billion or even hundreds of billions will be realized, which will bring a revolution to the mode of production and distribution

for the majority of manufacturing enterprises, through the industrial IOT platform, we can quickly realize the interconnection of more machines and equipment, continuously collect the data of all kinds of equipment and machines, and realize the integration of a variety of data. However, new and old equipment coexist in China's manufacturing enterprises, and intelligent upgrading and transformation will also be carried out simultaneously with the intelligent transformation of old equipment (also known as dumb equipment transformation) and the construction of new equipment and new applications

2. Cloud computing and edge computing complement and coexist

data in traditional IT architecture solutions are collected into various local business systems, most of which are chimney like and isolated business systems. In contrast, under the industrial interconnection platform architecture, more and more data are converged to the cloud for centralized storage, management and computing. After the data is put into the cloud, enterprises can reduce it operation costs, open up the connection between traditional chimney business systems, and monitor the operation status of enterprises in real time at any time

however, in some industrial scenarios, the processing delay is required to be in the millisecond level, and then the connection between the physical world and the cloud becomes unreliable. Edge computing provides network, computing, storage and other services near the data source to meet the demands of enterprise digital transformation in connection, intelligence, real-time, data optimization and security. As a bridge connecting the physical world and the digital world, edge computing makes intelligent assets, intelligent customs, intelligent systems and intelligent services real-time, intelligent and reliable

3. AI provides intelligent brain for industrial interconnection

through the cloud of IOT data, enterprises have obtained a large number of product life cycle data (big data), which lays a good foundation for AI based on big data + cloud computing. However, generally speaking, the application of artificial intelligence in industry is still very limited, and there is great room for development in the future. At present, intelligent scheduling, intelligent detection and equipment fault prediction are widely used

the ball screw can use less driving power. The production scheduling and scheduling system is a scheduling optimization algorithm based on rules and constraints. However, due to the complex situation of production factors, failures, sick leave and other emergencies occur from time to time, so the application and promotion is not very ideal. With the breakthrough of artificial intelligence algorithm, based on the monitoring data of resource capability matching on the platform, in-depth learning can give an effective plan for manufacturing resource scheduling. The application of video image recognition method in appearance inspection has been relatively mature. Based on the equipment operation status data, the applications of predicting equipment faults and optimizing equipment operation status are also relatively mature

the essence of industrial interconnection is to apply big data, cloud computing, IOT and other technologies to industrial enterprises, improve their core competitiveness, promote China's manufacturing industry to become stronger, and strive to become a manufacturing power as soon as possible

in August 2017, UFIDA officially released its smart industrial Internet platform, which provides data-based scenario intelligent cloud services, supports intelligent manufacturing innovation, and drives the transformation of enterprise business models and management methods

first, based on the industrial PAAS cloud platform (IUAP), UFIDA industrial IOT platform with wide adaptability is developed. The platform is composed of device model, rule engine, visual monitoring, knowledge base and other modules. Suitable for industrial fields

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