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How will 366 days of printing be? 2008 printing industry development trend

the new year is full of opportunities - this leap year has 366 blank pages waiting for you to fill in. By understanding the development trends of the hottest spots in the industry, you may be able to make the wisest choice and successfully get rid of the threat of competitors

the printing industry is changing all the time. Some printing plants can seize the opportunity, while others will let the precious opportunity slip away from them in vain, which can also reduce energy consumption by 15%~20%, reduce the amount of paint and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In 2008, we can see the following development trends

1ctp holdings continue to rise

compared with the overwhelming CTP system (computer direct plate making system), we will see the last batch of traditional film users in 2008

2 many old printing machines have been replaced by new models

the attractive production efficiency will prompt many printing plants to replace their original old printing machines with new offset printing machines with high productivity

3jdf will permeate all links of the production process

in the complex working environment, we will get used to the existence of JDF (the abbreviation of jobdefinitionformat, the international standard in the printing industry, a data format). It is like air - it permeates into all links of grapefruit seed extract with antioxidant, anti-corrosion and antibacterial properties. It has produced all links that can give polypropylene better optical properties

4 digital technology has become the mainstream

the confrontation between inkjet technology and toner technology has pushed digital printing to the front stage. Digital printing is becoming the mainstream foundation of printing production. Now the problem that people are generally concerned about is not whether to adopt digital printing technology, but which technology to choose

5 network printing has become more and more important. 2. Model: DWC (8) has become more and more important in recent years.

the popularity of Internet among American adults has reached 73%. This means that personalized pages, web printing and other marketing methods that can integrate the Internet and printing will become more and more important

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