How will China's home appliance industry become th

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In the future, how will China's home appliance industry become the king

Abstract: what makes home appliance manufacturers king is based on different development stages, different era backgrounds and different competitiveness

another crossroads lies in front of China's household appliance industry. In the past, the strategic rise path of Chinese household appliance enterprises generally adopted the following: scale is king, cost is king, channel is king, or service is king, quality is king, and marketing is king; Then, with the gradual failure of traditional business competition means and business model, what can Chinese household appliance enterprises rely on to become the king

first of all, what road to choose, how to choose, and what to choose to be king

this is a multiple-choice question that all home appliance manufacturers have to make again at present. Moreover, for all manufacturers, there is never a standard answer to refer to. Take Midea, Haier, Hisense, Gree, TCL, Changhong and other six hundred billion giants for example, their business paths and market playing methods are different. It is impossible for other enterprises to directly imitate, learn from and reference

at present, Haier and Midea are typical. Based on the rapid improvement of profitability and level under large-scale, they still pursue large-scale profits. However, by adjusting the product management structure and making simultaneous efforts in the high, middle and low-end markets, we should pursue the optimization of profits under the maximization of scale; Similarly, in the past two years, TCL has adopted a naked large-scale driving path in its main businesses such as color TV sets and white TV sets, completely relying on the production and manufacturing capacity of the whole industrial chain, and even at low prices to seize market share

however, Hisense and Gree currently choose another path: as the first brother of TV, based on brand strength, comprehensively promote the medium and high-end transformation of market product management structure. Especially in the context of the decline in the overall volume and profits of the color TV industry, Hisense TV business has expanded overseas and made efforts in the high-end through the new strategy of "adjusting the structure and seeking change", so as to maximize profits under a certain scale; Similarly, Gree, as the first brother of air conditioning, can only pursue the optimization of business products and structure and the growth of sales amount under a certain scale under the background that the scale growth has encountered the "ceiling"

secondly, household appliance manufacturers make differentiated choices based on different development stages, different times and different competitiveness

in the past two years, many home appliance dealers in the market of counties and towns, as well as the heads of small and medium-sized home appliance manufacturers, have frequently asked about the specific transformation path through the background of the home appliance circle, hoping to find a new way out. In fact, this is a typical "fish out of wood" mistake: let those who don't know themselves at all point out a way out for themselves. Even if others dare to show you the way, you don't dare to go

in fact, it is clear that household appliance enterprises, including Haier, Gree, Changhong and so on, adopt different business competition strategies in different development periods. In the early stage of development, when household appliances were in a state of "supply exceeding demand", Haier first focused on quality. Taking quality as the key factor and achieving weight reduction at a reasonable cost brought huge opportunities to win the trust of users; Then he played the service card to enhance the trust of users with sincere service; Now Haier is taking the product as the king strategy to win users with a series of newly invented and rebuilt new products; Finally, in the process of quality, service and products being the king, Haier has always adhered to the strategy of large-scale driving and efficiency being the king

for Gree, in the early stage of development, under the leadership of founder zhujianghong, we insisted on quality as king, laying a solid foundation for the scale and branding of Gree air conditioning business, and also achieving the unique new path of "channel as king" of Gree air conditioning. Now, Gree, which has entered the era of Dong Mingzhu, takes the brand as the king, and promotes the transformation of Gree from air conditioners to other household appliances and even intelligent manufacturing fields through the strategy of endorsing made in China. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the development boundary of gree in other fields through the continuous amplification of brand power

it can be said that at present and in the future, all home appliance manufacturers must follow a principle: Based on their own strength and strategic positioning, consider different times and development levels, and make phased choices and changes. We must not adopt the conservative model of "one way here, the steel refers more to high-strength steel going to black" and "one recruit eats all over the sky". Some home appliance manufacturers must still adhere to the means of "quality is king, service is king and scale is hegemony" as a dark horse rapidly emerging in China's new material industry; Some home appliance manufacturers are now in a new stage of development, "brand is king, capital is king, and technology is king"

moreover, whether resources are king, cash is king, channels are king, products are king, in the future, for all home appliance manufacturers, it should be "quality is king"

at present, quality consumption has become the main theme of the Chinese market. Whether at the government level, the market level, or Chinese families, the pursuit of quality life has become the mainstream and trend, which is the direction that no home appliance manufacturer can reverse

for users, with the increase of economic income and the comprehensive popularization of household appliances, it is inevitable that they need to survive. In addition to purchasing high-quality household appliances and enjoying high-quality logistics distribution and after-sales services, we should also obtain quality value-added services provided by household appliance manufacturers outside of hardware. Therefore, since this year, a large number of new medium and high-end household appliances and high-quality household appliance brands have gained new impetus for growth in the declining market

in recent years, the impact of Internet and IOT on China's home appliance industry has reduced the energy consumption of 100million tons of standard coal, which is real and visible. The most concentrated and prominent is that technological innovation means endowing household appliances is no longer a simple hardware competition, but also involves the competition of the comprehensive strength of products such as content, service and experience. In this context, all home appliance manufacturers must have new business skills of "both hardware and software" in order to truly open up the "two channels of supervision" of enterprises in the first-line market

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