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Experts and industry leaders said that China will not only buy and manufacture cars, but also have a significant impact on the automotive industry, because it is infinitely open to technological progress

the ongoing 2019 Shanghai auto show has been open to the media since April 16 and will end on Thursday, attracting more than 1000 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions, which shows the importance auto manufacturers attach to China's auto market

in a recent interview with Xinhua news agency, Ferdinand dudenhofer, founder and director of the Automotive Research Center (car) at Essen University in Duisburg, said that China has the best economies of scale in its high-pressure turbine sealing device

according to car led by Dudenhoeffer, the exhibition is widely regarded as the main trade exhibition in the whole Asian region, because more than a quarter of the new cars produced by global automakers are purchased in China

in order to reflect the growing importance of the Chinese market, most German automakers provide exclusive products, such as long-range models, which are popular with Chinese buyers as long as they can test the experimental power value

BMW launched its latest popular long version of the 3 series at this year's 2019 Shanghai auto show, which will be sold exclusively in the Chinese market. With the A35 L, Daimler, the German automaker, has also launched a new long version of one of its popular models

before the 2019 Shanghai auto show, Herbert diess, CEO of Volkswagen, said that China is increasingly becoming a powerful country in automotive technology

dis said that new technologies, such as electric drive, self driving and networked vehicles, are strongly driven from China

according to Volkswagen AG, the largest German automaker, Volkswagen has opened four new factories in Qingdao, Foshan and Tianjin in 2018, which is also a development opportunity for high molecular materials in China. At present, there are 23 factories in China

in March this year, Daimler announced that the production of its smart models will be outsourced to China, and China's mini cars will be produced in cooperation with Chinese automaker Geely

as electric vehicles are one of the biggest trends in the automotive industry, China is very interested in automotive manufacturers

according to Chinese auto data, 1.18 million electric vehicles were sold nationwide in 2018, accounting for more than half of the global auto sales. Dudenhoeffer, the founder of car, predicts that the sales volume in China will reach 2.2 million this year

dudenhoff told Xinhua news agency that China has the greatest vitality in innovation, and the country is infinitely open to technological progress

China represents the main topic of mobility tomorrow, dudenhoffer said, adding that electric vehicles will have a home in China

Stefan Hartung, chairman of Bosch mobile solutions, said at the 2019 Shanghai auto show that Bosch is a leading automotive supplier, and he believes that the Chinese market will provide great potential in the medium and long term

Germany has also stimulated the development of blow molding machine manufacturing machinery industry. Continental group, a major automotive supplier, announced at the Shanghai auto show that it plans to expand its electric vehicle production in China. The auto supplier is showing the drive system and electronic components of electric vehicles at the exhibition, and plans to invest heavily in new production bases in Tianjin and Changzhou, China

in addition to large automobile manufacturers, many Chinese start-ups have emerged, especially in the field of electric vehicles, promoting technology competitions

for example, Xiaopeng automobile company, a Chinese electric vehicle company, launched P7, a four door luxury car with a 47 kilowatt hour battery that can drive 600 kilometers under pure electric power

Bernhard matts, President of VDA, said: China is changing from the European technology market we previously provided to a market that promotes technology development

we will be involved, which is why we are expanding our R & D activities here, matts added

according to car, 35% of the global electric vehicle batteries will come from Chinese battery giant catl and Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD

dudenhoffer said that this is why without China, tomorrow's cars are simply unimaginable

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