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Accelerate the development of industrial interconnection to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry

accelerate the development of industrial interconnection to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry

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Industrial interconnection has become a new round of major historical opportunities in the world after consumer interconnection, which effectively supports the connectivity of all factors, the whole industrial chain and the whole value chain of the manufacturing industry and even the real economy, and provides a key driving force for the high-quality development of the economy. The United States, Japan, the European Union and other developed countries and regions are striving to break through bottlenecks in technology, capital, talent and so on by strengthening strategic leadership, increasing investment in cutting-edge technology, and deepening international industrial cooperation. Ge, Siemens, abb, Dassault, Rockwell and other international leading enterprises are continuously strengthening their control over the industrial interconnection ecosystem through industrial mergers and acquisitions, cross-border cooperation, vertical integration and other means

the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the innovative development of industrial interconnection. The 2019 government work report pointed out that it is necessary to build an industrial interconnection platform, expand "smart +", and empower the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. In more than two years, China's industrial interconnection innovation and development has achieved remarkable results and formed a good start. In terms of network, positive progress has been made in the construction of "East, West, North and South" five logo analysis public service nodes. The backbone outside the enterprise is not very different from ordinary plastics in appearance. Network deployment has been accelerated, and the transformation inside and outside the factory has been continuously promoted. In terms of platforms, more than 50 influential regional industrial interconnection platforms have been cultivated, the number of industrial equipment connections has exceeded 100000 sets, and the popularity of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" platforms for backbone enterprises in key industries in the manufacturing industry has exceeded 75%. In terms of safety, the industrial interconnection safety monitoring platform has been preliminarily completed, and the ability of safety risk monitoring and discovery, early warning notification and disposal support has been continuously enhanced

however, we should also be soberly aware that the industrial foundation of China's industrial interconnection is not solid, especially in terms of core technological capabilities and ecological control capabilities, the gap with developed countries is still quite obvious. At the same time, the large-scale application of China's industrial interconnection and the exploration of new formats and new models have just begun. It is only a "spark", which is far from forming a prairie fire. The task of establishing and consolidating core competitiveness is very arduous. Based on this, with deepening the supply side structural reform and enabling the real economy as the main line, China's auto production and sales remain far ahead. According to the specific work requirements of promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, the following measures and suggestions are put forward

strive to build a national innovation system of industrial interconnection. Strengthen the core technology research of software and hardware, accelerate the research and development and industrialization of key network equipment and intelligent joint equipment, significantly improve the computer control of all experimental processes, and improve the digitalization, networking and intelligence level of manufacturing industry. In particular, we should make use of the characteristics of a large number of industrial interconnection data and models to accelerate the breakthrough of all kinds of industrial software that has been stuck for a long time, and break the high dependence of industrial software on foreign countries. Actively explore the innovative application of 5g, edge computing, deep learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain and other emerging cutting-edge technologies in industrial interconnection, and accelerate the cultivation of new formats and models

coordinate the construction of industrial Internet public service platform. Focusing on areas with strong spillover effect and pulling effect, relatively prominent nature of public utilities, and difficult to achieve by relying solely on market mechanism, we will make overall deployment and step-by-step implementation, and focus on building four types of public service platforms, including: industrial data management service platform, and improve and optimize the management ability of industrial data resources in manufacturing industry; The evaluation service platform carries out the third-party evaluation of the development level of industrial interconnection by regions and industries; Industrial monitoring service platform, carry out daily statistical submission and thorough investigation of industrial interconnection industry; Testing and certification service platform to scientifically and objectively test, test and certify the ability level of industrial interconnection technology, products and solutions

strengthen international exchanges and cooperation on industrial interconnection around the "the Belt and Road". We will thoroughly implement the "the Belt and Road" initiative, a great practice of building a community with a shared future for mankind. On the one hand, support and promote the "going out" of leading domestic industrial interconnection enterprises, carry out the construction and transformation of new infrastructure in the "the Belt and Road" countries, and establish a number of cooperation demonstration bases, parks and factories; On the other hand, we should actively study and judge the ways and modes of "bringing in" leading global industrial interconnection enterprises, and support international cooperation that meets the needs of China's practical development

effectively carry out the training of industrial interconnection majors and compound talents. We will promote the joint efforts of relevant ministries and commissions, local governments, leading enterprises, and well-known colleges and universities to build an industrial interconnection talent training base in key areas of advanced manufacturing in China. Organize university scholars and experts from scientific research institutions to compile introduction and training materials of industrial interconnection discipline, and carry out talent education and training by combining online and offline methods. Dynamically build and improve the global industrial interconnection high-end innovation talent pool, and provide information reserves for the country to introduce leading talents and layout key projects

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