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How will the intelligent manufacturing industry affect the packaging machinery market

in order to achieve the goal of rapid development, the packaging machinery industry must focus on the development of intelligent industry. With the continuous development of domestic scientific and technological level and the disappearance of low-cost human resources, automated and intelligent machinery manufacturing is bound to become the development direction of packaging machinery in the next four years

why should we realize the intellectualization of packaging equipment made of PCU? Because the improvement of the intelligent level of the hydraulic experimental machine can further improve the production efficiency and product quality. Energy saving, low consumption, environmental protection and saving production resources will further enhance the market competitiveness of the equipment. Therefore, although the total amount of intelligent packaging machinery is still small, it represents the new direction of enterprise development in the future, plays an increasingly important role in the transformation of development mode and the adjustment of industrial structure, and can more effectively drive the improvement of the overall industry level

therefore, it is particularly important to develop intelligent production in the industry. Intelligent manufacturing technology has formed a certain economic scale, but it is far from enough for the development of some packaging industries. Develop intelligent technology, and innovation becomes the main driving force

experts suggest that in the early stage of technology application, the economic benefits brought by technological achievements are certainly not enough to support the overall long-term technology upgrading cost. Therefore, enterprises should be more patient and grit their teeth through the painful period of emerging industries. When it becomes a demonstration industry of industries and enterprises, it will be enough to drive the overall technological upgrading of enterprises and achieve more efficient, safe and sustainable development of enterprises

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