How wide is the road of transformation and customi

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How wide is the road of transformation and customization of coatings

how wide is the road of transformation and customization of coatings

July 21, 2016

[China paint information] at present, the group that buys houses is already dominated by the post-80s and post-90s. This group has been labeled with various labels since childhood, "having personality", "having opinions", "being innovative" and so on are the obvious characteristics of this group. In the choice of paint, they no longer follow their parents' idea of "just whitewash the wall", but pursue being different and pay more attention to "having their own things"

the industry said that 2015 was the "cold winter" of coatings. Although there was a continuous high temperature this year, it did not cover this ice. Many coating enterprises and dealers tried to find ways to remove the downturn of coatings, and customized coatings came into being

of course, customization is not the exclusive product of coatings, and customized coatings are not the product of the year of the monkey. However, in the whole stage of coating transformation and upgrading, and in the environment where many coatings boast "health", "environmental protection", "green", etc., customized coatings are undoubtedly "eye-catching" artifacts. However, it is still too early to make a final conclusion on how far the paint can go with independent experimental force, deformation and displacement measurement control system

customized paint has been the mainstream of home wall decoration in Europe and America as early as the 1990s. At that time, China only knew nothing about customized paint at the stage of "lime whitewashing the wall" or even "newspaper plastering the wall". With the increasing heating time of people's living standards, the requirements for the living environment are not only to protect from the wind and rain, but also to have a higher level of demand, not only to live comfortably, But also have a certain artistry

then, there is no doubt that customized paint is right in the middle. The customized paint not only has colorful colors by absorbing and releasing the latent heat of phase change, but also has the characteristics of composite color and three-dimensional texture, such as relief, roughening, sanding, imitation brick, imitation stone, etc., presenting a strong sense of art. At the same time, the customized coating also has the functions of waterproof, dust-proof, flame-proof, friction resistance, lasting and refreshing. This is also an important factor for customized coatings to win consumers' support

however, although the customized coating integrates many advantages, it does not seem to provoke the nerves of dealers, let alone rush into mass action. The main reason is that the domestic paint market does not have perfect conditions for customized paint

first, the deployment technology is complex. Customized coatings are not finished products, but semi-finished products. According to customers' personal preferences, the colors, patterns, functions, etc. of the coatings need to be classified and allocated until the wall effect required by customers is allocated. However, in terms of the current domestic market, not all paint enterprises and dealers have this deployment technology. Many dealers are also unwilling to invest a lot of time and energy to learn this complex deployment technology

secondly, according to Dr. Feng Xiaohai, Shi has strict craftsmanship. The particularity of customized paint also determines the strictness of its construction. In addition to the basic wall inspection, customized paint also needs to number the wall to match the corresponding color number, texture, pattern number, etc., and the technical requirements of different paint construction are also different

in addition, the requirements of oilers are very high. Customized paint has high requirements for oilers, which not only requires oilers to be familiar with the primer and construction process of paint, but also requires oilers to have artistic cells and skilled construction skills, otherwise they can't paint at all. However, at present, oilers do not have this technology, and many dealers are also a short board in maintaining the loyalty of oilers. It is really difficult to spread customized coatings on a large scale for a long time

however, we should also see that although customized coatings started late and in a short time, they have developed rapidly and have a large market space. Although the conditions for customized coatings in the domestic market are still lacking, people's requirements for coatings are no longer limited to traditional monotonous colors and simple effects, but increasingly tend to be personalized and diversified. Customized coatings break the tradition, let colorful colors enter the home, and make home life more artistic

innovation has created customized coatings. In the past ten years of coating transformation, customized coatings have been constantly innovated and upgraded in terms of style, material, effect and technology. In the future, coatings will become wider and wider on the road of customized coating transformation, and will surprise everyone

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