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How was the world's largest natural gas pipeline project completed?

"the west second line pipeline project with a total investment of about 142.2 billion yuan is a national key project in the 11th five year plan. It includes one trunk line and eight branch trunk lines, with a total length of 8704 kilometers. It is currently the world's largest natural gas pipeline project." Zhaoyujian, director of the China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, said, "as the EPC general contractor of the west second line project, the pipeline bureau has overcome many difficulties in pipeline construction and created one remarkable miracle after another."

environmental protection priority: build a great wall of green pipelines

it is understood that from the beginning of the construction of the west second line project, the China Petroleum Pipeline administration has formulated the principle of environmental protection priority to build the west second line into an "environment-friendly project". They strengthened safety supervision, protected the ecological environment, and wrote a new chapter of green environmental protection construction in the history of pipeline construction

the western section of the west second line project passes through four western provinces and regions, including Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia and Shaanxi, and passes through deserts, Gobi, loess gullies, hills, plains, mountains and other landforms. It is a life restricted area inaccessible to people, and the ecological environment is very fragile. Jiang Jiemin, the general manager of CNPC, and Liao Yongyong, the deputy general manager, came to the scene and gave instructions: "never hurt any plants or trees in Sailimu Lake!"

"according to this requirement, the pipeline builders have established a strict environmental protection organization network from top to bottom, formulated strict environmental protection measures, increased investment in environmental protection, and ensured a solid foundation for environmental work." Zhao Yujian said, "the concept of green environmental protection runs through the whole process of engineering construction from design, construction and management to minimize environmental pollution and ecological damage."

in order to protect the beautiful scenery of Tianshan Mountain to the greatest extent, the second west line adopts tunnels and pipelines at the bottom of ditches to try its best to avoid damaging the forests and grasslands generated by Tianshan Mountain for hundreds of millions of years, but it greatly prolongs the construction period and increases the difficulty and risk of construction. According to international practice, the operation bandwidth of 219mm pipeline construction should be 35 meters. In order to save land and protect the environment, the west east gas pipeline 2 will reduce the operation belt to 28 meters, thereby increasing the construction cost. During the whole construction period, under the supervision of the local environmental protection department, the "three Simultaneities" system of environmental protection, in which environmental protection facilities are designed, constructed and put into operation simultaneously with the main project, is implemented

in view of the ecological environment of Sailimu Lake grassland, the fifth company of the pipeline bureau has taken three protective measures: first, the original three grassland grazing roads are used as access roads for construction machinery, and no other construction channels are opened. The designed 28 meter wide operation belt is compressed to 20 meters, just enough for a vehicle to pass. Second, in the section with thick soil layer, peel off the turf, stack it on one side of the operation zone, cover it with thickened sunscreen, spray water appropriately to keep it moist, and then move it back to the original place after the construction is completed. Third, for the operation zone of stacking and releasing the excavated soil, the staff paved plastic cloth above the turf to separate the excavated soil from the turf; And pave 500 mm thick excavation soil above the plastic cloth, and vehicles drive on the soil to reduce the rolling of turf

in particular, guoguogou, Sailimu Lake and other places along the west second line are the core ecological areas of nature conservation. Builders took measures to break taboos and use the rest grazing period of winter grassland to speed up construction. The seeds sown at the beginning of the next spring have grown grass. Now a beautiful pipeline green belt has become the best witness for the builders of the west second line to create green projects

efficient and safe: build a "first-class pipeline" one year in advance.

"the construction period of the west second line project is short and the construction is difficult." At the launch ceremony of the west second line pipeline, Wu Hong, general manager of the pipeline project management department, told, "however, all participating units have concentrated their talents, optimized the allocation of resources, and scientifically organized the implementation of the project. On the basis of ensuring safety and efficiency, they have achieved the commitment of 'building a first-class pipeline'."

Tianshan Mountain is the first barrier for the Central Asia pipeline to enter China. It is the most difficult control tunnel group project for the construction of the west second line. Here, the terrain is complex, the slope is steep, the natural conditions are bad, and geological disasters such as flash floods and avalanches are frequent. For example, it normally takes three years to complete the crossing of the guoguogou tunnel, but the construction period left to the builders is only 18 months. The participating team issued a military order: "even if you dig with your hands, you should connect the tunnel on time!" The fifth pipeline company gathered 8 welding units, more than 500 employees, and more than 200 equipment to fight the decisive battle in guoguogou. Here, the narrowest place from the steel pipe to the tunnel wall is less than 450 mm, and the nearest place to the ground can only accommodate a welder wearing goggles to lie on the ground for welding. In front of him is the baking of four spatters of welding flowers, and his back has to withstand the soaking of the cold and biting alpine snow water exuded from the tunnel wall...

the horizontal length of Jiujiang shield pipe, the control project of the eastern section of the west second line, is 2590 meters. The shield project Department of the fourth pipeline company, known as the "underground vanguard", used the world's most advanced slurry pressure balanced shield machine for tunneling construction. The staff involved in the construction overcame the technical problems of high underground water pressure in the Yangtze River, complex and changeable geology, crossing the Yangtze River flood control embankment in loose strata, small section ultra long distance shield tunneling and so on. The shield machine accurately broke the hole on the opposite bank of the Yangtze River on November 6, 2009, 169 days ahead of the original plan

in the Jinggangshan revolutionary base area, the 27 and 28 bid sections of the project undertaken by the third pipeline company were flooded in the pipe trench due to heavy rainfall, and the river crossing section overflowed. The whole project site was muddy, and the large-scale construction machinery could not move, and the project progress almost entered a "shock" state. "There are more ways than difficulties." The employees of the third company were forced out of their wisdom by difficulties. They used the rainwater stored in the pipe ditch to carry out the "floating pipe method" construction, and smoothly transported the prefabricated huge "nine to one" pipeline to the site, so as to realize the continuous penetration of ditches and canals, enhance work efficiency and speed up the progress

tunnel construction is safe and high-quality. The 24 mountain tunnels and 6 pipe jacking tunnels of the west second line trunk line were used to measure the resistance performance of metal materials under dynamic load. No safety and quality accidents occurred in the construction, and the mountain tunnels were successfully connected

the pipeline bureau took the construction of high-quality projects as the goal, scientifically organized, carefully managed, and operated in an unconventional manner. The project was put into operation one year in advance. Huangzejun, general manager of the operation unit and the west east gas pipeline company, said: "the pipeline bureau is really a team that can fight a hard battle. It is amazing that they completed such a large project in such a short time!"

scientific and technological innovation: achieve the "leader" in international pipeline construction.

the west second line project is the first pipeline project in China to implement x 80 high-grade steel, 1219 mm diameter, 12 MPa High pressure. X 80/Φ The transmission pressure, pipe diameter, wall thickness and other comprehensive parameters of 1219 steel pipe are the first in the world, which needs the support of a series of scientific research products and the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements. The west second line has become the main battlefield for Chinese pipeline builders to tackle key scientific and technological problems

according to Zhao Yujian, as a specialized company in the construction of pipeline engineering of CNPC, the pipeline bureau moved forward the position of scientific and technological innovation and technological breakthrough. A total of 19 technical standards and 92 x 80 steel welding processes have been prepared, laying a solid foundation for ensuring the timely completion of the West East gas pipeline 2 with high quality and efficiency

for example, in order to break the key technical bottleneck restricting the construction of the project, the pipeline bureau has improved the level of special construction technologies such as directional drilling crossing, shield tunneling and pipe jacking, and enhanced the construction support capacity; In order to ensure the quality of anti-corrosion joint coating and improve the effect of anti-corrosion joint coating. 3. The independent dual channel full digital program-controlled amplifier realizes the real sense of physical zero adjustment, gain adjustment and automatic shift, zero adjustment and calibration rate of experimental force measurement. The pipeline bureau has independently developed new equipment and materials for automatic anti-corrosion joint coating, and the newly developed pipeline automatic joint coating workstation has entered the field test stage; In order to improve the quality and efficiency of external anti-corrosion of pipelines, the newly developed coating process for external anti-corrosion of pipelines has been put into use and obtained national patents; In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of in-service pipelines, the national "863 Plan" project of optical fiber safety early warning technology and equipment research for oil and gas pipelines has been carried out, which has passed the acceptance of the Ministry of science and technology, and won the second prize of CNPC technical invention

for another example, in the construction process of Qiantang River Shield Project of Shanghai Branch of the west second line, the pipeline bureau comprehensively carried out mass scientific and technological innovation activities from solving construction site problems and reducing construction risks, Effectively improve the core competitiveness of pipeline shield technology. According to statistics, the Qiantang River Shield Project, with only 152 employees, has completed 63 mass technological innovations, reduced the labor intensity of construction operations by 22%, improved the construction efficiency by 20%, overcome the problem of weak geological layers known as the "shield killer", and created a monthly average tunneling of 289 "Qiantang River speed" of 2 meters

the above breakthrough achievements in new technologies, new products and new processes have not only enhanced the core competitiveness of the pipeline bureau, but also promoted the technological progress of China's oil and gas pipeline construction industry, leading the rapid development of gas pipeline steel from X70 to X80 steel grade, transmission pressure from 10 MPa to 12 MPa, pipe diameter from 1016 mm to 1219 mm, and welding technology from manual welding to fully automatic welding, It has achieved a historic breakthrough in the design and construction of large-diameter high-grade long-distance steel pipelines and the manufacture of pipe fittings

"in order to improve the localization level of key equipment, save project investment and reduce equipment procurement risks, the pipeline bureau has also independently developed large-diameter pipeline construction machines and equipment such as full-automatic welding machines, beveling machines, and aligners; and successfully developed and mass produced high-grade hot bends and tee fittings, large-diameter high-pressure quick opening blinds, high-pressure insulation joints, cyclones and other products." Zhao Yujian said proudly, "in the evaluation of the science and technology award of China's petroleum and chemical automation industry, the Pipeline Bureau won the first prize for the construction and supporting technology research of high-grade and large-diameter pipelines, the development of pipe fittings and elbows with a diameter of 1219mm of Grade X80 steel, and the second Prize for the strain design technology and Application Research of long-distance pipelines."

at the China Petroleum Science and technology conference held in May this year, Zhou Jiping, deputy general manager of the group company and President of the joint stock company, announced that PetroChina Pipeline builders have become leaders in the international pipeline industry in the engineering practice of large-diameter high-grade pipeline steel pipes and high-pressure transmission technology

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