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Lingyun company, with Canada's point grey omni-directional stereo vision solution, appeared at the Fourth Machine Vision Exhibition

pointgreyresearch, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, is a world leading company committed to developing advanced digital camera products. Pointgrey has a complete product line of IEEE-1394 series industrial cameras. Its camera products have high cost performance and can be customized flexibly according to the special requirements of OEM users

pointgrey's founder and main members are from the computer intelligence laboratory and the Institute of robot intelligent systems at the University of British Columbia. They have rich experience in computer vision, target tracking and modeling. Its main stereo vision products include Bumblebee and ladybug. In April, 2007, Lingyun successfully signed an agency agreement with gray dot, becoming the exclusive agent of pointgrey in China. We hope to introduce more and better machine vision products to the Chinese market

stable IEEE-1394 camera

pointgrey has its own IEEE-1394 interface technology. Its IEEE-1394 series camera products have high stability and rich product types. Its Dragonfly series cameras have color/black-and-white products, three resolution configurations are optional, and multi camera automatic synchronization function. The camera has a built-in color processor, which can output yuv411, YUV422 and RGB images, automatic aperture, and can provide standard products or customized board products according to user needs. Its compact multifunctional CCD camera has an overall dimension of only 31 × thirty × 29mm, with built-in color processing function, external trigger and stroboscopic output function, it is a very cost-effective valve, which is considered as a device camera product that allows or avoids gas or liquid activities in the system. In addition, pointgrey also owns the grasshopper series high-resolution multifunctional CCD camera; Fireflymv series, small VGA high cost performance plate CMOS camera; And scorpion series high-resolution and high-sensitivity CCD cameras and other products

professional stereo vision research tool

pointgrey's major feature product is the stereo vision camera system, which provides a complete set of professional solutions for the field of stereo vision research. The stereoscopic vision product adopts a similar working mode to human 3D vision, performs scale correction and depth correction on the images taken by two or three cameras, and quickly constructs 3D stereoscopic data, which provides a very convenient tool for stereoscopic vision research. The products are divided into two generations: Bumblebee 2 and bumblebee XB3, which can automatically correct lens distortion and camera position deviation to form a real stereo vision scene. The system is equipped with various software packages, API functions and demo programs. Users can process and apply real-time depth images, including accurate person tracking in harsh environments, integrating multiple stereo vision systems to form a unified coordinate system, etc

advanced spherical digital video camera system

pointgrey's other characteristic product is its spherical digital video camera system ladybug, which integrates six cameras into a small box and can observe 360 degree panoramic images at the same time. The market consumption of non-toxic and safe plasticizer in the system will increase. The capacity of the electronic universal experimental machine often used for real-time image completion is 100 ~ 135000lb, such as image acquisition, processing, splicing and correction. The images collected by multiple cameras will be combined into a digital panoramic image. Ladybug2, a flexible and high-quality panoramic acquisition system, is widely used in military security, monitoring, surgical process display, traffic analysis, large-scale GIS systems and lighting models. Various supporting software packages, API functions and demo programs enable users to easily control the panoramic camera system and carry out secondary development

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