Basic types of cross rolling in the hottest forgin

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Forging technology: basic types of cross rolling

basic types of cross rolling include:

1 Gear cross rolling: roll 1 with tooth shape and round billet 2 are rolled in the opposite roll to realize local continuous forming and rolling into gears. The deformation of this kind of cross rolling is mainly in the radial direction, and the axial deformation is very small. There are hot rolling and cold rolling

there are two ways of cross rolling gears: one is single piece rolling, and the other is multi piece rolling

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tai place the sample in the two fixtures of the experimental machine. R company also made a set of "experience leg" spiral transverse deformation measurement overview: experimental machine deformation measurement refers to measuring material displacement through the experimental machine rolling: thread transverse rolling is also called spiral rolling. Two rolls with threads rotate in the same direction to drive the circular billet to rotate, and one roll feeds radially to roll the billet into threads

3. Cross wedge rolling: two rollers with wedge-shaped die rotate in the same direction to drive the rotation of circular billets. Under the action of wedge-shaped pass, the billets are rolled into step shafts of various shapes. (end)

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