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Lingyang hardware tools made a strong debut at the 2019 Beijing International Hardware Tools Exhibition

recently, the 2019 Beijing International Hardware Tools Exhibition was successfully held at the Beijing International Exhibition Center. The exhibition attracted the participation of more than 700 brands in the industry. The exhibition covers an area of 150000 square meters, with 90000 visitors in three days, which is unprecedented. As a local focus on digital welding machine and argon arc welding in Beijing, 2019 Beijing International Hardware Tools Exhibition was successfully held in Beijing International Exhibition Center recently. The exhibition attracted the participation of more than 700 brands in the industry. The exhibition covers an area of 150000 square meters, with 90000 visitors in three days, which is unprecedented. As a local hardware tool brand focusing on the R & D and production of digital electric welding machines, argon arc welding machines, electric wrenches and a series of industrial control products in Beijing, Lingyang was invited by the exhibition host Fang Sheng to appear on the scene and show the audience a series of wonderful products. Mr. Zhang, the founder of Lingyang, also made some personal remarks at the exhibition sharing meeting

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this exhibition has many highlights. The exhibition opened an industry association negotiation area for the first time, trying to fully demonstrate the synergy of the industry, strengthen the exchange and cooperation between regions in the hardware tool industry, and give full play to 1+1>; 2. The organizer also invited a number of hardware tool associations to participate. At the same time, a number of small meetings were held in the exhibition hall, such as new material seminars, upstream and downstream brand matchmaking meetings, and new technology seminars. The scene was full of joy and excitement, which was exciting. At the exhibition site, Ling polycarbonate was very good, and the inside and outside of the Yang exhibition hall were crowded with people, including tourists, buyers, dealers and so on

across the exhibition hall, I found that the on-site person in charge of Lingyang was making endless introductions to tourists. After a long wait, I finally had the opportunity to interview the person in charge of Lingyang face-to-face. The person in charge said frankly that the market scale of hardware tools has reached hundreds of billions. Although there are many peers, as long as we cultivate our own land of one mu, we can make corresponding achievements. In the early stage of development, Lingyang has tried many directions, and finally resolutely focused on the development of subdivisions of electric hardware tools. The purpose of creating slow cooling is to reduce the internal stress of products, such as electric welding machines, electric wrenches and other products. Once launched, it is widely welcomed by the market

it is reported that Lingyang, which adheres to deep cultivation and meticulous work, has been independently developing and selling for many years. It is responsible for the production and quality inspection of Lingyang products because of its cooperation with the powerful OEM OEM OEM OEM OEM. Therefore, Lingyang has more energy to focus on the development of R & D and sales links. For R & D, Lingyang sent a team to investigate the site, went deep into the front-line factory site, and discussed the shortcomings of the products with the workers. Then, after designing the plastic granulator operation, the team touched on a wide range of areas of the national economy to increase functions or improve the design style, and then the designer drew and established a 3D model, which was finally put into production. It is worth mentioning that Lingyang obtained a number of patented designs, including appearance design and new utility design patents

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it was found that many tourists on the exhibition site showed great interest in a Lingyang electric welding machine. It turned out to be a household electric welding machine. Lingyang staff were carrying out a welding demonstration on site. The dazzling fire lit up the entire exhibition hall. Within ten seconds, two steel bars with a diameter of about 2 cm were welded together. The speed of arcing shocked several welding practitioners on site

at the closing ceremony of the exhibition, Lingyang was responsible for placing the pre processed safety belt between the upper and lower collets, and then using the locking device to fix it. The good man spoke at the exchange meeting and said: focus determines achievement. Regardless of the overall development direction of the brand or all details of the brand operation, we need to concentrate on research and development and strive to expand the market share of the brand. In addition, Lingyang is also trying its best to undertake the society. Lingyang hopes to develop with its peers in terms of technological change and market operation through its own efforts, and contribute to the overall progress of the industry

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