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Linglong 10.8 billion yuan tire project was settled in Wucheng phase I and put into operation in may

the staff debugged the production equipment in Linglong tire East factory area

tower cranes are constantly transporting materials, engineering vehicles shuttle back and forth, and workers nervously debug production equipment... On March 27, the construction site of Wucheng Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. was busy. "The temperature was low some time ago, which affected the construction. We are accelerating the construction progress to ensure that the first phase of the project will be completed and put into operation on schedule in May." Xu Bingzhou, the person in charge of the project since January 2018, said

as one of the world's top 16 tires and the top 3 Chinese tires, the moving beam stops automatically; Strong Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. will settle in Wucheng with an annual output of 10million sets of high-performance semi steel radial tires and 2million sets of all steel truck radial tires. Wang Feng, the chairman of the company, said, "I see the industrial advantages and good services of Wucheng. Here, the auto parts industry has a strong future, and the location advantage is significant."

the unique industrial advantages have attracted "Big Mac"

as "China's auto parts industry city", Wucheng county has unique industrial advantages, and more than 80% of the country's auto manufacturers use the county's auto parts. Xinming company, including food packaging containers and materials, detergents, disinfectants, tools and equipment for food production and operation, Longxiang company has entered the ranks of "the 100 most growing auto parts enterprises in China". Only mercury group has 8 auto parts production enterprises under its jurisdiction, and the auto wheels produced are targeted to produce supporting products for more than 40 large auto production enterprises in the country, and are sold to 11 countries such as the United States, Japan and Germany. Wucheng county not only has significant advantages in industrial clusters, but also is the intersection of two provinces, three regions and six counties, with dense transportation networks such as roads and railways. It is these advantages that make Wang Feng throw out an olive branch without hesitation

"I came to Wucheng last winter. Although I'm not familiar with the place, their meticulous service makes people feel particularly warm." Xu Bingzhou told us about the details of the construction process of the project, "before the project started, there was no power supply on the construction site. After the county learned about this situation, it immediately wired us. They also arranged dormitories and built restaurants for us, which made us feel at home."

"investment promotion is based on integrity, and business safety depends on the environment. I have to go to the project construction site every morning, otherwise I won't feel secure." Sunyumin, director of the administrative committee of the County Economic Development Zone, said

in Wucheng, a strong atmosphere of "respecting entrepreneurs and investors" and "Pro business, secure business and rich business" has been formed, which makes Xu Bingzhou and his employees feel the deepest is the "all-round, whole process and all-weather" quality service. From the beginning of enterprise registration, to project approval, land acquisition, planning and design, there are relevant departments to help handle. "The implementation of the project is just the beginning. We should give priority to policies, factors, services and problems, and strive to promote the project construction." Wucheng county Party Secretary Wang Lilai said

build the largest auto parts R & D and testing base in Asia

"the total investment of the project is 10.8 billion yuan. The first phase of the project will be completed and put into operation in May. After all the projects are put into operation, the annual sales revenue will be 10billion yuan and the profit and tax will be 600million yuan." Xu Bingzhou said

Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. is one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, the top 16 World tires and the top 3 Chinese tires. The company has also undertaken a number of national technical research projects such as the 863 plan and the torch plan. More than 20 new products and technologies fill the domestic gap. It is the first enterprise in China to realize that at least one new product is put on the market every day, and its R & D ability ranks first in the industry. Linglong tire has become a national tire enterprise with the highest brand value, the largest number of new product development and the most complete product series in China's tire industry

the project with an annual output of 10million sets of high-performance semi steel radial tires and 2million sets of all steel radial truck tires built by Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. in Wucheng, as well as the auxiliary production project, is divided into three areas: the East and West factory areas and the R & D center. The east area is the production area, and the main products are radial tires, decorative parts, etc. the first phase of the project will be commissioned and put into production in May; The west area is a logistics, warehousing and living area, and the first phase of the project will be completed at the end of September. By the end of this year, the Eastern District project is expected to achieve an annual production capacity of 2million sets of high-performance semi steel and 500000 sets of all steel radial tires, and solve the employment problem of more than 1400 people

in order to realize the diversification strategy and give full play to the pulling effect of the group economy on the local economy, the company has planned the life supporting projects in the Western District, the rubber machinery project of Dezhou science and Trade Co., Ltd., the logistics and transportation center project of Linglong group and the tire experimental base project. The R & D center area under construction integrates the R & D and testing of auto parts, and is constructed according to the highest standards in Asia. After completion, it will become the largest R & D and testing base of auto parts in Asia

"after all the projects are put into operation, the company will not only become one of the three major county projects in Wucheng, improve the contribution rate of finance, but also completely change the situation of" lack of large and small strong "in Wucheng industry." Wang Shengqiang, deputy secretary of the county Party committee and head of the county, said confidently

a project activates the whole industrial chain

the 10.8 billion yuan tire project will not only cultivate industrial leaders and become the "financial cake" of dawucheng County, but also extend and upgrade the relevant industrial chain

sun Haowei, who is nearly 40 years old, is a sales manager of FRP products. He has experienced "buying and selling across the country" for nearly 20 years. Although he has worked hard and earned a considerable income, he has recently made plans to change his profession. "I have consulted that the production of tires requires a lot of chemical raw materials such as synthetic rubber, steel wire, fiber fabric, etc. our local area is rich in these materials. If I can integrate these resources and sell them to Linglong company, I will no longer have to run everywhere, and I can make a lot of money at home."

sun Haowei is not the only one who has this idea. Mercury group, Longxiang company and other enterprises are also adjusting the product structure according to the accessory demand of Linglong company, "relying on big trees to enjoy the cool". The settlement of Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. has quickly stirred up the spring water of all industries in Wucheng. Not only the auto parts industry has seen business opportunities, but also the logistics, packaging, catering and other industries have seen business opportunities, a new logistics distribution Perfect modern service industry systems such as electronic information, service outsourcing and catering industry are ready to emerge. Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. will expand cooperation channels with Wucheng, and plans to invest heavily in cultural tourism, agricultural industrialization and other projects in the county. At present, 7 merchants have come to discuss cooperation matters

"a good project brings not only taxes, but also greater value in promoting the adjustment of local industrial structure and economic development." Fan Fuliang, director of Wucheng County Economic and Information Bureau, said

Linglong tire project can not only fill the gap that there is no radial tire project in Wucheng, but also provide comfortable, healthy and energy-saving green residential products and perfect green property services for more than 100000 owners, which is conducive to the formation of an industrial pattern with the extension of the auto parts industry chain and supporting development. Since this year, more than 10 domestic enterprises with high popularity in the same industry have come to discuss steel cord, brake disc and other projects. At that time, Wucheng's auto parts industry will establish a carbon black production base upstream, develop automotive rubber products such as automotive shock absorption capsules downstream, and build a relatively complete industrial system with the production of auto parts and radial tires as the center, integrating steel cord, tire mold, tire capsules, wheels, brake pads and brake discs

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