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"Lingyunyi" grille/led headlights GAC trumpchi's new SUV will attack

gs5 is a compact SUV launched by GAC in 2012. Now the enterprise will update the product and will launch it globally in Paris on October 2. The news agency obtained a set of design sketches of trumpchi's new GS5. From the figure, it can be seen that the front face of the car is equipped with a new Lingyun wing grille, and the headlights on both sides are also upgraded to full LED light sources. In terms of power, this SUV will be equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine

the front face of the new car adopts GAC trumpchi family style design, with multi banner chrome plated grille connecting willow shaped headlights and daytime running light groups on both sides, and the overall shape is three-dimensional and fashionable. In addition, the new GS5 headlamp set is embedded with three LED light source headlights (the low configuration version is halogen light source), which has great visual impact

the side lines of the new GS5 body are rich, and the waist line design with low front and high rear makes the whole vehicle appear in a subduction state, but the momentum, combined with the lines below, shows a three-dimensional sense. At the same time, the new car adopts a suspended roof, which is an ideal product design to replace imports. With the large rear spoiler and the new D-pillar shape, it is very sporty

according to the spy photos exposed before, the new car's tail uses more horizontal lines, and the convex edge lines on the boot cover have a strong three-dimensional sense, which can stretch the horizontal visual width of the vehicle at the same time. In addition, this SUV tail lamp is equipped with a new through shape, and the LED light strip is added inside, which is very eye-catching when lit

in terms of power, the new GS5 will be built separately. We can mainly customize the load models of 4a15j1 and 4a15m1 1.5T in-line four cylinder turbocharged engines for customers. Among them, the maximum power of 4a15m1 engine can see that the oil filter rate is 112 kW, and the peak torque is 235 nm; The maximum power of 4a15j1 engine is 124 kW. (picture/Wen Xinshe yueyutian)

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