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Lingyun appeared in the "2017 Seminar on political and legal informatization construction and political and legal information

on November, the 2017 Seminar on political and legal informatization construction and political and legal information technology equipment exhibition was held in Beijing. Leaders from the Supreme People's court, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of justice, as well as political and legal systems in more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, as well as domestic well-known enterprises and institutions," reform and opening up is a key move to determine the fate of contemporary China " "By no means an empty talk, representatives gathered together to have an in-depth discussion on the topics of political and legal information construction, political and legal big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and so on.

with the innovative application of Lingyun artificial intelligence to implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator in the field of political and legal science, Jietong Huasheng was invited to attend this conference and demonstrated AI technologies such as intelligent voice, intelligent image, biometric recognition, intelligent semantics and so on The technology has product solutions in the fields of bright engineering, smart court, smart inspection, public security, government services, etc

intelligent voice transcription integrated machine creates a powerful tool for political and legal case handling

in terms of judicial trial and case handling, Jietong Huasheng showed the first professional intelligent case handling equipment Lingyun intelligent transcription integrated machine that can simultaneously realize high-definition audio and video acquisition and speech recognition functions in China. The device is a dual system. The windows system converts voice into text in real time, and the recorder can proofread it in WPS in real time; The Linux system collects high-definition audio and video, and synchronously carves the disc, which can be released after the trial, making the handling of political and legal cases more efficient

Lingyun intelligent transcription all-in-one machine (portable)

Lingyun intelligent transcription system (fixed)

portable devices are suitable for mobile case handling, without connection, and voice recognition runs on micro servers; The fixed equipment is suitable for indoor case handling. Voice recognition runs on the internal server. A single set of equipment can support up to 15 venues for simultaneous trial/interrogation, which greatly improves the efficiency of judicial staff's transcripts in general

ocr intelligent image recognition: paper files change text in seconds

in terms of file electronization, Jietong Huasheng exhibited Lingyun high-speed camera using the world's top OCR (optical character recognition) technology, with a character recognition accuracy of 99.99%

Lingyun Gaopai instrument

Lingyun Gaopai instrument supports the identification of various files in political and legal application scenarios. After processing, paper documents can be converted into text or double-layer PDF for quick reference by judicial personnel; And support 3 Relative humidity: 80% of the identification of licenses, bills and other images in judicial procedures, effectively improving the efficiency of judicial cases

customer service cloud: let robots serve people everywhere

in terms of government services, Jietong Huasheng Lingyun customer service cloud provides intelligent voice interaction services for robots in the cloud. Physical robots and customer service robots that can speak, listen, think and judge can serve many fields such as government affairs, taxation, medical treatment, public security, and provide convenient and professional services for the general public

at the same time, through massive service data, government agency managers can timely and accurately find and quickly solve people's livelihood problems, so as to continuously optimize services, form a virtuous circle, and make government services more intelligent

multi dimensional biometric recognition: high security level identity authentication system

in terms of judicial identity authentication, the Lingyun identity authentication system displayed by Jietong Huasheng can obtain citizen's license, face, voiceprint, fingerprint and other data information through high-speed cameras, cameras, microphones, fingerprints and other devices, carry out multi-dimensional identity authentication, and realize the unified authentication and management of citizen information

Lingyun identity authentication

the integrated application of multi-dimensional biometric recognition technology can effectively avoid the limitations and instability of a single technology, ensure the safety and reliability of identity authentication, and provide strong support for criminal investigation, stability and security maintenance, public security management, etc. of public security, procuratorial, court and other judicial organs

Lingyun helps the political and legal organs build a comprehensive artificial intelligence service platform

while providing various artificial intelligence products and solutions, Jietong Huasheng also provides the political and legal system with artificial intelligence technologies including Lingyun speech recognition, speech synthesis, OCR, handwriting recognition, semantic understanding, machine translation, data mining, voiceprint recognition, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc., and helps the political and legal system build a comprehensive artificial intelligence platform

various AI technologies and products of Lingyun not only effectively improve the efficiency of political and legal office, but also provide structured massive data for the construction of political and legal big data. Jietong Huasheng will, as always, adhere to win-win cooperation and work with industrial partners to promote the deep integration and innovation of artificial intelligence and bright engineering, smart courts, smart inspection, and public security government services

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