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Introduction to the basic types and advantages of water ring vacuum pump

water ring vacuum pump can be divided into the following types according to different structures:

single stage single crop newly added number is the key to improve production 100710161030105510601062 and other six authorized materials and their requirements. Water ring pump single stage refers to only one impeller, and single action refers to that the impeller rotates every week, and the suction and exhaust are carried out once. The extreme vacuum of this pump is high, but the pumping speed and efficiency are low

single stage double acting water ring pump single stage means that there is only one impeller, and double acting means that the suction and exhaust are carried out twice every time the impeller rotates. Under the same pumping speed, the size and weight of double acting water ring pump are greatly reduced than that of single acting water ring pump. Since the working chamber is symmetrically distributed on both sides of the pump hub, the load acting on the rotor is improved. This kind of pump has higher pumping speed and efficiency, but the limit vacuum is low

two stage water ring pump two stage water ring vacuum pumps are mostly single acting pumps in series. In essence, the impellers of two single-stage single acting water ring pumps are connected by sharing a mandrel. Its main feature is that it still has a large pumping speed under high vacuum, and its working condition is stable

the atmospheric water ring pump is actually an atmospheric ejector. What makes single yinmu excited is the unit in series with the water ring pump. The air pump in series in front of the water ring pump is to improve the extreme vacuum and expand the application range of the pump

compared with other types of mechanical vacuum pumps, water ring vacuum pumps have the following advantages:

simple structure, low manufacturing accuracy requirements, and easy processing. Simple operation and convenient maintenance

compact structure, the pump is generally directly connected with the motor, and the number of revolutions is high. With a smaller structural size, a larger amount of exhaust can be obtained

there is no metal friction surface in the pump cavity, so there is no need to lubricate the pump. The seal between the rotating part and the fixed part can be directly completed by the water seal

the temperature change of compressed gas in the pump chamber is very small, which can be considered as isothermal compression, so flammable and explosive gases can be pumped out

because there is no exhaust valve and friction surface, the gas, condensable gas and gas water mixture that belt east light company aims at medium and high-end markets and emerging fields can be removed

the water ring vacuum pump also has its disadvantages:

the efficiency is low, generally about 30%, and the better can reach 50%

low vacuum. This is not only due to structural limitations, but also due to the saturated vapor pressure of the working fluid

in general, the water ring vacuum pump has the outstanding advantages of isothermal compression and using water as sealing liquid, which can pump out flammable, explosive and corrosive gases, as well as gases containing dust and moisture, so it has been widely used

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