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Linglong has created "three milestones" for the industry

-- return from the launch ceremony of Linglong tire European factory to talk about feelings

Fu Xiangsheng, vice president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

on March 29-31 local time, the launch ceremony of Linglong tire European factory zrenianinen project and the global partner conference were held in Serbia. The author attended the meeting on behalf of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. It's a short time to come and go in a hurry, but when I came to Serbia and Belgrade for the first time, I had a lot of insights, whether I attended the global partnership meeting, the launching ceremony, or walked on the streets of Belgrade. Figure 3 polylactide polyurethane shape memory recovery process

long tire exhibited its new product studded tire beside the Belgrade global partners conference venue

1 new leap in the future development of Linglong tire

Linglong tire was founded in 1975. At that time, it started with the renovation and repair of old tires, with less than 100 employees. Since the new century, it has achieved rapid development by adhering to the policy of "emphasizing science and technology and management, creating famous brands and increasing benefits", and taking high starting point, high quality and high technology as the principle. At the global partnership meeting of Linglong tire, chairman Wang Feng said: today's Linglong tire has 6 R & D institutions and 6 production bases in the world, more than 30000 marketing points, more than 4000 brand stores in more than 180 countries and regions, 13000 employees, including 4000 overseas; From the annual output of 325 sets of tires when the second venture was launched in 2000, it has grown to 55 million tires/year today, supporting tires for more than 60 automobile factories; Especially in terms of innovation, it has also undertaken projects such as professional innovation alliance, 3D printing Pu tires, graphene tires, etc. among them, the newly developed studded tires displayed at this conference have reached the international leading level, won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress twice in 2010 and 2015, and won the China Industrial award in December 2018. Linglong now ranks 17th among the top 75 global tire companies and 2nd among Chinese tire companies. Chairman Wang Feng proudly introduced to the participants that in 2018, Linglong tire achieved the first profit margin and the second output and sales revenue among Chinese tire enterprises

Linglong tire is implementing the "53" strategic layout, that is, focusing on the construction of five domestic "Zhaoyuan, Dezhou, Liuzhou, Jingmen 1" and three overseas "Thailand, Europe (Serbia), North America (United States)"; We are promoting six international development strategies: talent internationalization, R & D internationalization, manufacturing internationalization, marketing internationalization, brand internationalization and cooperation internationalization, and building a world-class tire enterprise with global competitiveness

the European plant launched this time in Zrenianin, Serbia, plans to invest 990 million US dollars to build an annual output of 1.6 million sets of radial tires and 20000 sets of truck tires in the first phase. It plans to build a world-class benchmark plant with an annual scale of 13.62 million sets/year, which is intelligent in all fields, fully automated and green in all processes. The factory will greatly improve the supply efficiency and service quality of European automobile factories, further expand the European, American and surrounding markets, take high-quality tire products as the main target, and accelerate the product structure adjustment of Linglong tires. The third overseas production base under planning: the North American factory, which is planned to have a scale of 16million sets/year, will be planned and selected at the same time as the European factory is built, so as to lay the foundation and start construction as soon as possible. Therefore, the launch of the serviazrenianian project and the successful holding of the global partnership conference of Linglong tire have opened a new journey for the future development of Linglong tire, which is also a new milestone for Linglong tire

the author delivered a speech at the launching ceremony of Linglong tire factory in Europe

2 a new milestone for Chinese tire enterprises to go global

since 2006, China has always been the largest tire production country in the world, and its tire output accounts for about 1/4 of the world's total output, but we still have a big gap from a tire power. In terms of sales revenue, the sales revenue of the 2018 global top 75 tire list is about US $170 billion, of which the sales of the top 10 is about US $104.3 billion, that is, the top 10 accounts for 61.4% of the total world tire sales. Chairman Wang Feng also said that the output of the top 10 accounted for 63.64%, and the profits of the top 10 accounted for 65.72%. However, we have only one company in the top 10, with a sales revenue of about 22.7 billion yuan, which is not small compared with Bridgestone, the world's first with us $24.4 billion, and Michelin, the world's second with us $23.6 billion. We have a total of 33 companies on the 2018 global tire 75 list, with the largest number of companies on the list, but its total sales are also inferior to Bridgestone or Michelin. China has been the largest producer of tires for 14 consecutive years, and has always been the largest exporter. Its output has exceeded 900million for many years, and its export volume has exceeded 50% for many consecutive years. The exporting countries are major countries in the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia and other continents. However, the export of Chinese tires is facing an increasingly harsh situation. Since 1996, Brazil imposed anti-dumping duties on Chinese bicycle tires, one of which was through cooperation with the University of Minnesota, nearly 20 countries have conducted anti-dumping investigations on imported tires from China

Linglong tire is the first tire enterprise to go out and build factories in Europe. At the global partnership meeting of Linglong tire, Wang Feng analyzed the situation faced by the development of China's tire industry, especially the tire export - trade protectionism has brought severe challenges to China's tire export. The European Union imposed anti-dumping duties on all steel tires imported from China, India raised tariffs on Chinese tires, Brazil, Russia Kazakhstan imposes anti-dumping duties on Chinese tires; The United States has not only "double reversed" China's semi steel and all steel, but also included pneumatic tires used on aircraft in the first batch of tariff increases in this Sino US trade friction. "Double reverse" has caused serious impact and impact on China's tire exports. Since 2014, China's tire exports have almost zero growth, and the amount of foreign exchange earned by exports has decreased significantly. It is not only a last resort for tire enterprises to go global, but also the only way for future development. Linglong tire, Zhongce tire, Sailun Jinyu, Sen Qilin, etc., which are the first to go out and have accumulated experience, have established factories in Vietnam or Thailand, where natural rubber is produced, and have achieved good results. The acquisition of Pirelli by China National Chemical Rubber Corporation and Jinhu tire by Qingdao Shuangxing also achieved success. Triangle tire and Linglong's third overseas base will both invest and build factories in the United States, and they are also actively promoting. It is believed that the foundation laying of Linglong tire factory in Europe will open a new milestone for Chinese tire enterprises to go global

the author and the participants took a group photo in front of the exhibition board

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3 a new milestone in the brand building of Chinese enterprises

brand is an important symbol of the society and the public to recognize the enterprise, and it is one of the core competitiveness of the enterprise. The world brand laboratory puts forward that the influence of brand is mainly reflected in the ability of brand to expand the market, occupy the market and obtain profits. Market share, brand loyalty and global leadership are the three key indicators of brand influence. According to brand influence and its three key indicators, 20000 well-known brands are scored every year to launch the most influential "world top 500 brands". In the 2018 (15th) ranking list, 38 brands including Moutai, Wuliangye, Guodian, Huawei, industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Life Insurance were selected in China, while 223 brands from the United States, 43 brands from France, 42 brands from the United Kingdom and 39 brands from Japan were included in the list. It can be seen how far the gap between Chinese brand construction is

as a terminal consumer goods, the importance of its brand is more prominent. The manufacturing technology and product quality of Chinese tires are at the world advanced level, but there is a big gap between the construction of well-known brands and the international advanced level. Many friends who drive have experienced it - as long as they mention tires, people first think of Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, etc. Among the top 10 world famous tire brands in 2018, China has only one. At the global partnership meeting of Linglong tire held in Serbia, Wang Feng said: "Last year, the brand value of Linglong tire was 37.8 billion yuan. However, brand building is the biggest weakness of Chinese tire enterprises, and the price of single tire of foreign brands is three times higher than that of domestic tires. Therefore, the focus of Linglong tire in the future is not only to attach importance to the innovation of 'three low and one high' products with low rolling resistance, low odor, low noise and high wear resistance, but also to highlight brand positioning, brand marketing and brand competition, especially to strengthen brand awareness, reputation and loyalty Sincerity construction. Based on the establishment of China's first women's racing team and the sponsorship of Juventus football club, Linglong held a signing ceremony in Belgrade to sponsor the China Serbia chess match and the Serbian Football Super League. After the foundation laying ceremony of the Zrenianin project, the Serbian flight brigade also specially hung the flag of exquisite tires for a flight performance. Many domestic and foreign customers gathered around the flag of Linglong tire for a group photo. This Serbian conference and activity has also become an important part of the construction of Linglong tire's well-known brand, and will also become a new milestone in the construction of China's tire brand

the author took a group photo with local friends in ethnic costumes in the Serbian building

4 a new milestone in the profound friendship between China and Serbia

the project of Linglong tire in zrenian is the largest foreign invested plant in Serbia. At the government dinner after the global partnership meeting on the first day, Serbian Prime Minister annabulnabic attended and addressed the dinner. The next day, at the launch ceremony of the project, Serbian President Alexander Vucic attended and addressed many ministers. When talking about why he chose Serbia, Wang Feng repeatedly mentioned that President Vucic attached great importance to this project and his personal friendship with the president. In 2017, President Vucic invited Wang Feng to attend the celebration of his inauguration as president. After that, President Vucic personally presided over relevant negotiations and convened several special meetings to study and implement relevant policies, which contributed to the implementation of the project

participating in this activity also learned that the important reason why the Serbian government welcomes Chinese enterprises to invest is that before, a steel plant was merged by Hebei steel plant and a copper mine was merged by Chinese enterprises, both of which are in good operation, not only stabilizing employment, but also stabilizing national taxes. After the commencement ceremony of the project, through Ms. Chen Bo, Chinese ambassador to Serbia, I also had a special exchange with Serbian finance minister Mali and economic minister Goran. I introduced the situation of China's petrochemical industry to them. They talked about that there is a petrochemical plant in Serbia, Pancevo petrohemija joint stock company, 15 kilometers away from Belgrade, which was completed and put into operation in 1977. The shareholder composition is 76% of the Republic of Serbia and its institutions (companies), 21% of Serbian oil company Novi Sad, and 3% of Lukoil Serbia. The design capacity is 1.1 million tons/year of petrochemical products, and the main products are LDPE, HDPE, lotion styrene butadiene rubber, gasoline, etc. They very much hope that Chinese petrochemical enterprises can merge and acquire

Linglong tire project confirms the traditional and profound friendship between Serbia and China, and once again proves that China's achievements since the reform and opening up and its contribution to global economic growth have won the recognition and affirmation of the world. This trip is short, and I have a lot of feelings. I'm here to share with you. I hope we can encourage and learn from each other and work together to do our job well

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