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Introduction to "Lingyu" tanker family: in September, a batch of insulated aluminum alloy semitrailers used to transport edible oil were ready to be delivered to Shandong users at the gate of CIMC Lingyu company. Previously, the user has been using vehicles produced in Hebei. In order to reduce operating costs, he looked for aluminum alloy insulated tank cars with lighter weight. After repeated comparison

in September, a batch of insulated aluminum alloy semitrailers used to transport edible oil were ready to go at the gate of CIMC Lingyu company and delivered to Shandong users. Previously, the user had been using vehicles produced in Hebei. In order to reduce operating costs, he looked for aluminum alloy insulated tank cars with lighter weight. After repeated comparison, he chose the "Lingyu" brand in February this year. At present, the user has ordered a total of 16 "Lingyu" models for three times. Asked about the reason, the user said, "we bought the same type of cars from three manufacturers in the first batch, just for comparison! At that time, your car was the most expensive! But your car is also the most beautiful. There is a special edible oil announcement, and its weight is more than 200 kilograms lighter than the other two. After using it for a few months, there was no problem, so we bought yours later!"

in 2012, CIMC Lingyu began to research and develop aluminum alloy products. The reason is that the average temperature is too high or the water temperature is too high during the long-term work. Jin (heat preservation) edible oil transportation vehicle received a special edible oil vehicle announcement this year, and this series of products began to enter the market. This kind of car not only saves the insurance cost for customers, but also can operate at high speed, which improves the transportation efficiency. After half a year of market testing, it has been recognized by users, and orders have been pouring in. In just a few months, many orders have been realized, and it has become a rookie in the "Lingyu" liquid tanker family

this product integrates the characteristics of beautiful appearance, reasonable layout, economic and environmental protection, good insulation and so on. Under the environment of "green" transportation advocated by the state, it is the preferred model for edible oil transportation at present

specifically, Lingyu edible oil aluminum alloy semitrailer has the following characteristics:

excellent heat preservation performance: the tank body adopts a circular variable cross-section structure, and the circular cross-section is stressed evenly to improve the heat preservation effect; The insulation layer uses double-layer glass fiber insulation cotton, which well blocks the heat transfer; The heat preservation framework greatly reduces the heat loss of the tank body and greatly reduces the weight at the same time; Pipe insulation and insulation ball valve realize a full set of insulation. The whole vehicle adopts the heating form of aluminum alloy pipe in the tank or aluminum alloy heating tank at the bottom of the tank, which effectively improves the heating efficiency. The complete heat preservation device effectively reduces the difference between the loading temperature and unloading temperature of the edible oil tank, ensures the freshness of the edible oil, and turns on the jaw under the source switch of the material experiment motor to stop the light, which is extremely responsive to people's demand for green food

light weight: the tank body and skin adopt aluminum alloy structure, and the walking mechanism adopts H-shaped steel, which effectively reduces the weight of the tank body, and the weight of the whole trailer is only 7 tons. At the same time, the aluminum alloy material also ensures the cleanliness and fluidity of the medium inside the tank

beautiful appearance: our company and the aluminum alloy material manufacturer jointly developed the outer skin for the insulation tank. The outer surface of the aluminum alloy adopts electrophoretic polishing technology, and the coloring adopts chemical coloring. The color is gorgeous, especially the metallic outer skin. The luster of the metal appears noble and generous. The aluminum alloy is bright but the reflectivity is not high, which conforms to the provisions of the new national standard GB, It avoids safety accidents due to high reflectivity during driving

safety and stability: the air suspension airbag can be used on the axle to realize the perfect combination of the axle and the vehicle, and it can still drive smoothly in case of an emergency. BPW air suspension makes the vehicle adapt to the road conditions faster and better, and effectively reduces and absorbs the impact of the tire on the road; It is used in conjunction with Jost circular foot outrigger to optimize the use effect of air suspension. Effectively reduce the impact and vibration during transportation, and increase the stability of hydrogen peroxide during transportation. The variable section structure of the tank can effectively reduce the center of gravity of the whole vehicle and ensure the safety performance of the whole vehicle under the condition of the same square quantity

Lingyu automobile, with the dream of "cans all over the world", adheres to the path of professional development. Over the past decade, the types of tank car products have been increasing, the quality of products has been upgrading, and the service is closer to users. In recent years, after the powder tank car and mixer car have become first-class in the industry, they have focused on seeking breakthroughs in liquid tank cars, aiming at the medium and high-end liquid tank car market made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy with high starting points, high standards and strict requirements. At present, the product announcement covers all mainstream products of liquid transportation vehicles, and the models cover four series: oil transportation (refueling) vehicles, chemical vehicles dedicated to providing customers with all-round services, industrial liquid transportation vehicles, flammable liquid transportation vehicles, food transportation vehicles, which can meet the transportation of all kinds of crude oil, refined oil, chemical liquids, edible oil and other liquids. Professional design, beautiful appearance and excellent quality have been recognized by the market, and the sales volume has almost doubled every year. At the time of press release, it was learned that the user had ordered another five edible oil trucks, which will start in October

it's not important to work hard, but it's important to work hard. It's not enough. You must work hard

believe in the future, "professional, dedicated, dedicated" Ling 1. Maximum experimental force: 6000kn; With the support of three core products of mixing, powder tank and liquid tank, Yu Auto will steadily approach the dream of "tank connecting the world"

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