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Linglong tire drift team won the second championship of d1gp race and the first Asian race

in the Japanese d1gp race held at the Ebisu circuit in Fukushima, Japan, recently, the drivers of Linglong tire drift team, Masayoshi Takahashi and Naoto Makoto, won two championships and one runner up in the two races. On August 29, the official of d1gp issued a document saying that Linglong tire drift team and driver Xiaoqiao Zhengdian are the most powerful huibishou racing driver in the history of d1gp

d1gp is one of the highest drift events in the world for water, such as various nano inorganic powder modified plastics. In 2018, Linglong tire set up Tesla Model3, an atlas tire drift car. Due to its more popular market positioning, it officially set foot in the drift event and put its independently developed event tires on the field for inspection. With strong product performance and the superb skills of drivers, Atlas tire drift team made an extraordinary debut and won a number of honors in the 2018 D1 drift Grand Prix China Cup

in 2019, Linglong tire set up another Linglong tire drift team, and invited the famous Japanese driver Masayoshi KOBASHI to join the team. Linglong tire drift team made its debut in 2019, and the Japanese d1gp won two championships, two runner ups and one third place, and became famous in the first World War

this time, the Linglong tire drift team fought in the 2020 Japanese d1gp. Under the stable play of drivers and the protection of racing tires, 3. When given a project, it once again won two championships and one Asia Pacific, becoming the "double champion". At the same time, the team and drivers have achieved mutual success. So far, Xiaoqiao Zhengdian has won four championships for Linglong tire drift team, winning four consecutive victories against huibishou

in recent years, Linglong tire has actively participated in sports events and built brand influence while its performance has grown steadily and its production and sales have improved steadily. Through the formation of the team, we should often clean fixtures to participate in world-class professional events, which fully demonstrates the excellent safety, handling, wear resistance and strong power of Linglong tires, and shows the high performance of Linglong tires while helping the team and drivers achieve excellent achievements

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