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Lingyun provides customers with integrated machine vision that matches their needs.

Lingyun company is not a simple device provider. We provide customers with not only light sources, lenses, cameras and other products, but also a complete set of solutions, which can achieve a coordinated and efficient role for users and best match their application needs. Lingyun

as we all know, the world has suffered from economic crisis since 2008. Lingyun's machine vision business has also suffered some impact, but at the same time, we are surprised to find that during this period, Lingyun's ability to provide solutions for customers has been constantly developed and exercised, and even made a qualitative leap. Considering comprehensively, there are mainly the following factors:

first of all, from the perspective of customers themselves, before the economic crisis, China's overall economy developed rapidly. Machine vision was mainly used in factory automation and OEM equipment, and its demand expanded rapidly. The development of many manufacturers focused on output, but the requirements for quality were not high

after the economic crisis, we are keenly aware that all OEM manufacturers related to machine vision applications in the market are gradually divided into two categories: the first category is manufacturers that still developed smoothly in the economic crisis without rubber pads and other parts. Such manufacturers take this opportunity to further expand their own and strengthen the market share of motor vehicle pollution control; However, the development of another kind of manufacturers is slightly not smooth, and even faces the crisis of bankruptcy. The biggest difference between these two companies is that the first type of enterprises pay attention to the creation of their own core technology and the stability of equipment while developing their business, so that they can match the development of industrial applications. These manufacturers have made great efforts on weekdays. In this economic crisis, their products can stand the test and are favored by the market

secondly, in terms of customer needs, injecting value into customers requires all-round, including in-depth understanding of customer needs and close to customer applications; Integrate resources and match products suitable for customers; Create a plan to meet the needs of customers; Provide comprehensive services. Only in this way can we achieve stable and long-term development in the crisis

Lingyun company is not a simple device supplier. Its process is as follows: the refrigerant is adiabatically compressed to a higher pressure by the compressor. What we provide customers is not only light sources, lenses, cameras and other products, but also a complete set of solutions, which can achieve a coordinated and efficient role for users and best match the application needs of customers. We maintain cooperative relations with many international leading machine vision suppliers to provide domestic machine vision users with the best vision products in the world

in recent years, we have also seen that domestic products such as light sources, lenses and cameras have also made great progress. Therefore, we are also negotiating with some domestic manufacturers to package their products that are more suitable for localization needs into solutions for various industries. The majority of users enjoy the advantages brought by class 1 system 1 ± 0.10. The equipment integration and technological development have strong stability and higher cost performance. For a long time, customers have purchased different devices from different manufacturers. When there are problems in the production line, they will face the difficulty of not knowing where to turn for help

Lingyun company, starting from customer needs, provides customers with overall solutions to match their applications through in-depth communication with customers. At the same time, in addition to our headquarters in Beijing, we have offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan. In this way, our experienced technical support engineers will better provide customers with localized products and support. To comprehensively support users, solve practical problems, and provide production line efficiency

finally, from the perspective of the current market, both customers and manufacturers need to pay more attention to the technology development trend of the industry and make its core technology more suitable for the development of the industry

nowadays, in the field of factory automation, the production of all equipment pursues three things: accuracy, efficiency and stability. Efficiency is the focus of manufacturers, and the main way to improve efficiency is to improve the efficiency of acquisition, processing, communication and mechanical movement. Now the frame rate of cameras produced is higher and higher, and the processing speed of software is faster and faster. Therefore, the development of bus technology has a very significant effect on improving the efficiency of machine vision equipment

at the same time, the development of embedded technology is also gratifying. Automatic camera technology can enable users to maximize the ability of visual devices on site. Lingyun company focuses on combining customer applications, packaging higher frame rate cameras, faster processing speed devices, and more stable software into integrated solutions for customers, so that customers in industrial sites can use them more conveniently, And better match the needs of customers

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