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Nowadays, people's pace of life is speeding up, and many people are busy with their work, so even if they want to decorate, they have no time to understand the situation of home decoration companies. So the network has become the main way for them to understand the home decoration company and obtain home decoration information. Online home decoration bidding is that you publish your house type, decoration area, material requirements, decoration duration, house structure, decoration style, decoration budget and other home decoration requirements and conditions on the Internet. The online registered decoration company will actively send relevant information of the company to your mailbox or contact you by phone according to your requirements and conditions. You can select several desirable home decoration companies according to your needs for investigation without leaving home, You can get multiple sets of design and budget plans provided by many decoration companies free of charge

◆ advantages: the initiative is in the hands of consumers. The main reason to attract consumers is to take the initiative in price. Consumers have fully mastered the right to choose, occupy the buyer's market, reverse the buyer's weak position, and avoid the phenomenon of falsely high budget in the decoration process through the principle of comparing goods in the bidding and getting the lowest price, thus saving a large number of expenses in the decoration. It is understood that at present, most of the people who publish bidding information online are working people. If they are required to go to the home decoration company in person and make inquiries and comparisons one by one, they will spend a lot of time and energy. Moreover, these consumers with bidding needs usually have a low decoration budget, usually around 20000 to 50000. The quotation of well-known decoration companies often exceeds their budget, making it difficult for consumers to accept. However, through the Internet, consumers can shop around and drive the price to the right price

insiders believe that the implementation of bidding is a good thing, and home decoration bidding is the most open and effective way of trading. As a consumer, when facing many home decoration companies during decoration, with home decoration bidding, consumers can first shop around and choose a good home decoration company to serve themselves. In addition, the home decoration market can introduce a benign competition mechanism. Now home decoration companies are not using rhetoric to deceive consumers, but relying on their strength to carry out fair competition, reverse the inferior situation of asymmetric information of consumers in the home decoration market, and consumers can take the initiative in their hands

◆ disadvantages: it is still in a regulatory vacuum

although there are many problems in bidding, its convenience and affordability still stimulate many consumers to take this risk. Consumers only know how to reduce the decoration cost, and they don't know the brand of decoration materials and the construction process, which will inevitably be fooled by the decoration company. At present, online bidding is still in a regulatory vacuum. Insiders believe that if consumers adopt the online bidding mode, it is best to investigate the actual level of home decoration companies and decoration teams. Of course, it is safer to choose qualified and reputable home decoration companies




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