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Who is the alarm bell of barbaric decoration brewing tragedy

recently, the fourth, fifth and sixth floors of a six story house at No. 27, xinxueqian lane, Anyuan District, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province partially collapsed, causing a total of six deaths and one injury. After preliminary analysis, the cause of the accident was the continuous collapse caused by improper construction during the decoration of Room 405 of the house

How did this tragedy come about? The report said that "the building is old + savage decoration". In recent years, similar barbaric decoration events have occurred from time to time throughout the country. So, who is the alarm bell of barbaric decoration brewing tragedy

ring for residents. No matter whether the house is the property right of the residents or not, the decoration of the house cannot be installed as soon as it wants. The application and approval system must be observed, and the decoration can be carried out only after it is approved

for approval. For house decoration, especially the old buildings with a certain number of years of decoration, the approval department must take compulsory measures to prohibit decoration without application and approval, so as to achieve "front-end check"

sound for supervision. Now for the supervision of housing decoration, either the enterprise supervises itself or there is no supervision; The problem of unclear responsibilities between administrative departments has existed for a long time. On the surface, housing construction, quality supervision, urban management and other departments and industry associations can supervise, but because the supervision responsibility is not clear, in fact, it may be "no one cares"

for legislation. It is reported that the current legislation on home decoration is missing. Issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and implemented since December last year, the "code for design of residential interior decoration" is only a principle specification. Many places have not formulated corresponding implementation rules on how to implement it

ring for the neighborhood. If neighbors come and go, remind each other, and abide by rules and regulations, the tragedy of savage decoration must be reduced a lot

at present, many cities have many old buildings, and the management of old buildings and the supervision of house decoration must keep up. Finding out the bottom number of old buildings, clarifying the responsibilities of various functional departments, improving the application and approval process of old building decoration, establishing a long-term management and decoration supervision mechanism, and unblocking the reporting channels of illegal decoration are all urgent questions in front of governments at all levels and their relevant departments. At the same time, every resident should realize that safety is not a trifle. Only by tightening the safety string at all times can the tragedy of barbaric decoration be reduced or even eliminated





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