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Introduction to the birth of the world's largest wheel crane by Zoomlion

zacb01 is a worldwide innovation, and the world will be surprised by it! Luo Kai, deputy general manager of Zoomlion engineering crane branch, said excitedly that Zoomlion zacb01 is the world's largest wheeled crane at present. Its successful offline marks that Zoomlion has become a technology in the domestic super large wheeled crane industry

"zacb01 is a worldwide innovation, and the world will be surprised!" Luo Kai, deputy general manager of Zoomlion engineering crane branch, said excitedly, "Zoomlion zacb01 is the world's largest wheeled crane at present. Its successful offline marks that Zoomlion has become a new benchmark in the domestic super large wheeled crane industry technology! Zoomlion crane stands at the world's highest peak again!"

in the decades of development of the world's wheeled cranes, wheeled cranes have made rapid progress on the road of large-scale development. However, wheeled cranes, especially all terrain cranes that meet the road driving specifications, have reached their limits. Under the existing technology and regulations, they cannot continue to be large-scale

after more than half a century of technological accumulation, Zoomlion has made another qualitative leap in the road of innovation. It is reported that the R & D of zacb01 has produced a number of innovative technologies that have been put forward and successfully applied for the first time in the world: the structural form of elliptical section outrigger; Anti deformation structural form of outrigger cable; Honeycomb frame structure; Super lift mechanism and control strategy based on precise control of rope length, orderly rope arrangement and active compensation; Variable amplitude flying arm structure for fan hoisting conditions; The concept and control strategy of dual engine compound power

zhangjianjun, technical director of Zoomlion engineering crane branch, said: "zacb01 is a product with completely independent intellectual property rights. During the R & D process, more than 80 proprietary technology patents have been declared, of which more than 50% are invention patents. Many of the world's first technological innovations are full of the efforts and wisdom of technical R & D personnel, and are the best embodiment of user needs."

innovation is the technical tradition of Zoomlion engineering crane. Taking the frame mechanism as an example, from the original rectangular structure commonly used in the industry to the radial structure developed by the technicians represented by Zhang Jianjun, to the honeycomb frame structure successfully applied today, the innovation of the frame mechanism makes its stress more reasonable and the stress distribution more uniform. Reasonable design will also greatly improve the safety and comfort of users. The super lift mechanism with active compensation and its control strategy not only improve the winding degree of the boom, but also fundamentally eliminate the possibility of side bending of the boom; The constant power slewing control strategy obviously reduces the additional inertia load caused by slewing startup, and improves the safety and reliability of hoisting

zacb01 adopts modular sub disassembly and assembly technology, which can shorten the current average 6-hour self disassembly and assembly time in the industry to 4 hours, greatly improving the user's construction transfer efficiency. It also adopts the dual power concept and control strategy of 9 bridges +3 bridges, realizing the real-time matching and steering coordination of the system with low front and rear power prices, and breaking through the power bottleneck of super large vehicles under the condition of complying with road laws and regulations. Zoomlion has thus mastered the key technologies of a series of super large tonnage wheel cranes, created feasible conditions for its future application to the whole ground crane product series of Zoomlion, and seized the strategic commanding height of wheel crane R & D and manufacturing technology

Zhang Jianjun recalled the development history of the technical team and said: "In recent years, Zoomlion has taken the product development of super large all terrain cranes as the carrier, mastered a series of key technologies of super large tonnage all terrain cranes, extended the coverage of all large tonnage all terrain cranes of the company through the mature application of key technologies, and finally formed the leading position of all terrain crane technology of the company. The company's height control strategy is supported by the improvement and improvement of plastic recycling and processing technology. Zacb01 not only makes the industry Once again, it is the best evidence of Zoomlion's R & D and manufacturing strength to appreciate Zoomlion's king style. "

at the same time, Zhang Jianjun also stressed that market positioning determines technology positioning, and zacb01 came into being under the R & D concept focusing on user needs. Zacb01 is fully developed according to the market demand. It has both lifting height and lifting capacity. The maximum actual lifting capacity can exceed 1000 tons, and the maximum lifting height can reach 160m. It has wide market adaptability. At present, zacb01 is the only all ground crane in the world that can lift 3MW wind turbine generator sets by using telescopic boom or special fly boom for wind power, and it can lift 800 ton chemical tower tanks and metallurgical equipment only by using telescopic boom. Nowadays, the promotion of 2.5MW and 3MW wind power projects will make the market prospect of zacb01 with 3MW wind power construction capacity very promising, and large-scale petrochemical and metallurgical projects will enhance the market demand expectation of zacb01

however, zacb01 is not only a product of Zoomlion to seize the commanding height of the market, but also a symbol representing Zoomlion's innovation, professionalism, refinement, transcendence, altruism and other enterprise characteristics, with richer connotation. As ZHENGBO, deputy general manager of Zoomlion engineering crane branch, said: "technological innovation cannot be simply and blindly expanded, nor can it be simply imitated and mapped. Zacb01 is a product with completely independent intellectual property rights that can represent Zoomlion and even China's all terrain cranes, and will further consolidate Zoomlion's leading position in the industry market compared with PP samples containing bromine flame retardants!"

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