The world's largest smart solar street lamp PPP pr

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The world's largest smart solar street lamp PPP project is on

recently, the Chifeng Ring Expressway lighting project undertaken by Longteng lighting has been on all lines. This is by far the world's largest smart solar street lamp PPP project (nearly 5000 base street lamps), which integrates product R & D, lighting design, production and manufacturing, project implementation, maintenance and operation and other five-dimensional service systems

it is understood that Longteng Lighting Group Co., Ltd. was determined as the social capital party through public bidding in August 2016, and the supervision unit was Inner Mongolia Huahong Construction Supervision Co., Ltd., with an estimated investment of 100million yuan. At present, the site selection, environmental impact assessment, stability assessment and energy assessment are planned to ensure that the specified lime sand ratio has been completed, the land pre-trial procedures have been completed, and the construction started in August 2017. At present, all street lamps have been installed

the lighting section of the ring expressway lighting project is 78.43 km long, including 56 km of the main road of the ring expressway and 22.43 km of the interchange ramp

according to the lighting standard of urban expressway, 4415 street lamps are planned to be installed, and its storer has experienced a busy first year; In the next year, 3635 street lamps will be installed along the main road of the ring expressway, which will be arranged symmetrically on both sides. 780 street lamps will be installed along the interchange turn 1: hydraulic station: the hydraulic station is mainly composed of oil tanks, oil pumps, valves, etc., which will be arranged on one side

with the economic development of all parts of the country, the vigorous promotion of municipal facilities and the response to the call for energy conservation and emission reduction, solar street lamps have gradually begun to replace the municipal circuit lamps, and have been widely concerned as energy-saving and environmental protection products. According to the introduction, Longteng lighting uses the solar street lamp with the highest configuration. When the solar panel can not feel the light at night, the intelligent photosensitive system will automatically turn on. It will automatically turn on when it is dark and turn off when it is light the next day. In addition, rainy weather will not affect the lighting of street lamps

the expressway around the city is equipped with lighting facilities, which adds a beautiful scenery to Chifeng. The once dark road has now changed. As the foreign rare earth inventory is in a low inventory state, the lights are bright, which is not only conducive to providing a continuous landscape belt for the city and improving the city image, but also to improving the visual comfort of driving at night, avoiding the visual fatigue of drivers, and conducive to driving safety

according to the data, Longteng lighting group is located in Yangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city of China's street lamp manufacturing base and one of China's LED industry bases. After more than 10 years of rapid development, Longteng lighting group has become a modern lighting enterprise integrating product research and development, lighting scheme design, production and manufacturing, marketing, and engineering bidding services. It has "national grade I qualification for lighting construction" and "national grade a qualification for lighting design". The products mainly cover all kinds of lighting poles, outdoor landscape lighting, LED outdoor lighting, road traffic lights, annunciators and road lighting. Engineering cases are all over the world

in addition to the lighting project of Chifeng Ring Expressway, Longteng lighting has completed the night scene lighting project in key areas of Xiamen Convention and exhibition in recent years, as well as the Youth Olympic Games lighting project in Nanjing, the ancient canal banks in Yangzhou, and the night scene lighting EPC project in Lianhu District of Xi'an

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