The world's largest solar powered ship unveiled

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Close view of the world's largest solar powered ship in the cabin of the star solar

the world's largest solar powered ship named "Star Solar" was unveiled in the northern German city of Kiel a few days ago. Two explorers will travel around the world in this solar powered ship for 140 days next year to promote solar energy and other clean energy to the world

the star solar energy is a catamaran with a length of 31 meters. According to the report, through the introduction of pre molding, high pressure injection, molding and other processes, it is 15 meters wide, with a displacement of 60 tons, a maximum speed of 15 nautical miles (about 25 kilometers) per hour, and a passenger capacity of 50 people. A black solar panel with an area of 500 square meters is installed above the hull. The cab is located in the center of the panel. The total cost of the ship is US $24million. The builders call it formula one at sea, but the excess capacity is gradually emerging. Since last January, manufacturers from Switzerland have begun to build the star solar energy at the nerem Yacht Club in Kiel, Germany. The designers have used the latest digital software Autodesk 3D design software to simulate the hull performance using 3D models before building a solid ship

the system will automatically adjust the speed of the beam. The advanced design enables the solar energy of the planet to sail very quietly in the rough waves. It will be officially launched at the end of March, and then participate in the commemoration of the 821st anniversary of the establishment of Hamburg Port in Germany in May, followed by the performance test from June to September. The official round the world voyage is expected to start in April next year

it is reported that the global voyage of planetary solar energy is about 40000 kilometers, which is expected to take 140 days. The whole journey is driven entirely by solar energy. The two explorers will drive the ship across the Atlantic, across the Panama Canal, across the Pacific and Indian oceans, and finally return to the Mediterranean via the suezyun river. In order to get as much solar energy as possible, planetary solar energy will try to sail along the equator. The ship is expected to stop at New York and San Francisco in the United States, Darwin in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and Marseille in France

Rafael domiga, one of the makers of solar energy on the planet, said that the main purpose of global navigation is to promote solar energy and other clean energy to the world. This is not a laboratory research. For ships, solar energy is now a reliable clean energy

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