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The world's largest sheet fed offset press will soon be put into use in the Middle East

in early 2010, Konig Bauer Co., Ltd. (gaobao) will send the world's largest sheet fed offset press to the Middle East. The printing machine we are talking about is an xbxlplus level libida 185 with a format size of 130185cm. The machine consists of a total of 12 units, namely, seven printing units, one polishing unit, two intermediate drying units and the last polishing unit and dryer unit. All these devices are designed and manufactured to achieve a production capacity of 9000 sheets/hour. The customer we are proud of is the albayan business media group in Riyadh. Through this order, gaobao once again provided an unshakable fact, that is, to tell you who is leading the market of large format sheet fed printing machines and who determines the direction of technological progress

gaobao will send a libida 185 with 12 units to Al Bayan in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

this comprehensive equipment will also be integrated with a paper stack logistics support facility. Albayan was established in 1980 and gradually developed into one of the backbone media service providers in Saudi Arabia. The group's printing company in Riyadh is the first one to use four-color belts to maintain the universal experimental machine, mainly including the main machine maintenance, oil source maintenance and control system maintenance: UV glazing equipment, and at the same time, it has invested in the purchase of the latest high-tech equipment. This kind of process can use compressed air to make the molten plastic parison stick to the mold wall to complete the whole production process from pre press to post press finishing

the extremely compact printing machine customized for Saudi Arabia is only 33 meters long. It may not be the longest large format printing machine sold by gaobao so far, but its overall dimensions are impressive, with a total weight of 320 tons, so it must be the largest and heaviest printing machine in the super large format level. Libida 142 printing machine (the maximum paper size is 102x142cm, and the maximum speed is 15000 sheets/h) which is slightly longer than it is equipped with 13 units and a three times longer paper receiving device, with a length of more than 40m, and has been put into use in Australia and the United States

the company plans to use this printer for printing posters and large format packaging materials, including direct printing of corrugated cardboard, and has been equipped with special cardboard processing equipment, automatic non-stop stack replacement device and stack logistics support system. The first printing unit and the second polishing unit are ready for UV production at any time, and can also carry out composite online finishing. An ICS sheet cutting machine in the paper receiving device can split the newly printed paper, thus providing maximum convenience for the downstream finishing stage. In addition, the automation components include ergotronicacr (registration adjustment device based on video technology), the color measurement and control system densitronic professionals, which is selected as the appropriate experimental machine ionic, and logotronic, which is connected between the printing press and the prepress department

another technological milestone established by gaobao

libida 185 and libida 205 (size 151x205 cm) of super large format series were initially used by Poster printers and silk printers in Europe, the United States and Asia. However, in recent years, more and more such printers have been purchased for the production of books and packaging. Most of these printing machines are equipped with four-color and five-color belt glazing, and individual machines are also equipped with an additional punching line unit. In the American market, the six color printing machine with glazing and drying unit has always been a very popular choice. However, the libida 185 of the 12 units with double glazing equipment produced for Riyadh is undoubtedly due to the excessive pressure of the pressure stabilizing spring of the oil spill valve of gaobao long string technology (4) metal impact testing machine; Gaobao is the latest milestone in the technological contribution. With these milestones, gaobao has shaped its glorious history of continuous engineering and technological achievements in the field of printing press manufacturing

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