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Bayer builds the world's largest polyurethane raw material plant recently, Bayer's toluene diamine (TDA) plant in dormagen, Germany, was completed, which strengthened Bayer's leading position in the global polyurethane market

the investment of 200million euros in the new plant is Bayer's largest investment in Germany this year, with a capacity of 200000 tons/year. It is the world's largest plant of the same type, and will play an important role in the future development of Bayer's material science department. TDA is the starting product for the production of toluene diisocyanate (TDI), an important raw material of polyurethane. Bayer ranks first in the world in this field. 20% of the investment in the new TDA plant is used for environmental protection measures, which is in the charge of Bayer materials science department. It will combine the polymer business with the high-tech of the special chemicals company. At present, Bayer materials science has become an independent legal entity, so the new plant will be a joint venture within Bayer

Dr. Hagen, head of Bayer materials science, pointed out at the completion ceremony that the company has the world's leading polyurethane raw material production technology and can produce high-quality polyurethane raw materials with cost competitiveness. By optimizing the cost structure, the company can further expand its leading position in the global market. Bayer's investment project in Caojing, Shanghai, China will also play an important role. In addition, Bayer plans to build a 160000 T/a TDI production plant

in the past five years, Bayer has invested nearly 1billion euros in the dormagen production base. Werner Weining, President of Bayer, stressed that Bayer would continue to take dormagen and North Rhine - West Virginia as production bases in Germany

Bayer currently has two TDA production plants located in dormagen, Germany and Baytown, the United States. Electronic extensometers are widely used in bay. They are divided into conventional contact extensometers and high fidelity non-contact video optical extensometers according to the measurement method. Contact extensometers can be used for common metal plates, bars, pipes, etc. video optical extensometers can be used for optical fiber cables, metal foils, fiber filaments, etc. that are difficult to measure by conventional extensometers. They have the advantages of no knife edge damage, no sliding error, no fracture damage, etc New Martinsville, dormagen and brunsbuttel in Germany have TDI production plants. The TDI plant in Shanghai will start production in 2009. The dormagen production base will provide TDA to brunsbuttel. According to the recently signed agreement, the remaining TDI will be sold worldwide by air products

the demand for polyurethane raw materials is growing rapidly. In 2002, the global consumption of polyurethane was about 9.2 million tons in China, which is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. It is expected that it will increase at a rate of 5% annually by 2006. Bayer can produce most polyurethane raw materials, including TDI, MDI and polyhydroxy compounds. Polyurethane products include soft and hard foam. The original "plastic restriction order" restricts the use of plastic products used for Internet ordering and express delivery, and lacks effective optimization and renewal of surface coatings, adhesives, elastomers, etc

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