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Shandong has built the world's largest solar office building on November 27, 2009, the world's largest solar office building was unveiled in Dezhou, Shandong. This solar energy building, named "Riyuetan · weipaida national copper, lead and zinc quality inspection center, is built on the basis of the original Anhui copper based new material industry cluster window service platform", with a total construction area of 75000 square meters. It integrates display, scientific research, office, conference, training, hotel and other functions, and uses solar energy heat to account for about 80% of the water supply, heating, cooling, photovoltaic power generation and other building combined technologies of interior decoration, It is currently the world's largest high-rise public building integrating solar thermal, photovoltaic and building energy conservation

the picture shows construction workers installing solar panels on the roof. The building is the main venue of the fourth world sun City Congress in 2010. Its roof and exterior walls are made of polystyrene insulation board with a thickness much higher than the current national standard, and the overall heat transfer coefficient is greatly reduced, about 30% lower than the energy-saving standard; In particular, the most common doors and windows, skylights and curtain walls are used, and the temperature screen energy-saving glass and BIPV temperature screen photovoltaic modules are used. The heat transfer coefficient is reduced to the national energy-saving standard because the low-carbon steel deforms greatly when pressed and does not break half

on August 2, 2008, solar energy installers installed solar panels and collectors on the "Riyuetan · micro row building"

on November 27, 2009, Dezhou, Shandong Province, "Riyuetan - WeiPai building" at night

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