The world's longest full stroke crankshaft was suc

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The world's longest full stroke crankshaft was successfully rolled off the production line in Dalian heavy industries

the world's longest full stroke crankshaft was successfully rolled off the production line in Dalian heavy industries

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China's first Mann series 6g80me-c 9.2 crankshaft with the longest full stroke in the world was successfully rolled off the production line in Dalian heavy industries today. This is another major breakthrough made by Dalian in the development of large-scale marine crankshaft launched into the air after the successful independent development of 11s90me-c extra large butt joint crankshaft last year, which fills the domestic gap

the world's longest full stroke crankshaft developed by Dalian heavy industries, with a total length of 11.175 meters, a weight of 207 tons, a full stroke of 3.72 meters, and an output power of 24806 horsepower, is currently the world's largest crankshaft in terms of turning diameter and full stroke. The user is Dalian Marine Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., which will be installed in the low-speed diesel engine of a 250000 ton large ore carrier of Singapore Global Shipping Co., Ltd. The G series diesel engine used in this ship is the latest generation of green ultra long stroke marine low-speed diesel engine. The stroke of this series of models is longer, which can reduce the speed of the diesel engine used to drive the propeller, so as to facilitate the use of larger propeller. The relevant person in charge of Dalian heavy industry introduced that the super long stroke brings super large turning diameter, which increases the processing difficulty of crankshaft. The turning diameter of 4.74 meters has exceeded the processing capacity of all domestic crankshaft lathes. To this end, Dalian heavy industry invested funds to upgrade the equipment, and carried out a lot of work in the optimization of processing technology and the selection of cutting tools, successfully completed various technical research work, and 760 test data all met the quality specifications and drawing requirements of man. Previously, only three companies including Kobe Steel of Japan, Doosan Heavy Industry of Korea and Hyundai Heavy Industry have the processing capacity of this type of crankshaft. Dalian heavy industry is the fourth enterprise in the world and the first enterprise in China with the ability to prepare and develop this type of crankshaft

in recent years, through independent research and development and technical breakthrough, Dalian heavy industry has now fully mastered the world's most high-end marine crankshaft production technology. Its product development capacity covers more than grade 50 of Mann series and more than grade 52 of Wartsila series. It has realized the serialization and batch production of super large crankshafts with international leading level. It is used to measure the shape change production of samples in the experimental process, and the product quality has been highly recognized by users, The market share has increased year by year

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