The world's largest pile deep rotary drilling rig

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Come and watch, the world's largest pile deep rotary drilling rig tr600h has been successfully rolled off the production line

come and watch. Tr600h, the world's largest pile deep rotary drilling rig, has been successfully rolled off the production line

China Construction Machinery Information

on September 3, on the eve of BICES 2019 (the 15th China (Beijing) International Exhibition and technical exchange of construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery), CRRC heavy industries, a subsidiary of CRRC, held a "2019 technical seminar and tr600h offline" activity in the CRRC Heavy Industries Park in Beijing to show the world level of CRRC heavy industries in new products, new technologies and new processes

the successful offline of tr600htr600h rotary drilling rig, the world's largest pile deep rotary drilling rig, not only means that the product work efficiency is further improved, but also reflects the strength of Beijing CRRC heavy industry as a leader in the pile machinery industry. The drilling rig is designed to meet the construction of super large, super deep and super hard bridge pile foundation across sea and river. Equipped with special chassis for Carter 390 super large tonnage rotary drilling rig, the truck adopts modular design, applies 30 patented technologies, 20 safety monitoring and 6 intelligent control technologies. In the super deep pile foundation project with a diameter of 3.0m-4.5m and a depth of less than 158m, it has the advantages of fast pile forming speed, high quality, safety, convenience, energy conservation and environmental protection, which can greatly accelerate the construction process of super large bridge project. It not only provides safe, efficient, green and environment-friendly construction schemes and equipment for China's super engineering construction, but also has milestone significance in the development of piling machinery in the world

the site of the 2019 technical seminar on the rotary drilling rig of CRRC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. erected by gao'e

speech by guochuanxin, Secretary General of the piling machinery branch of China Society of construction machinery

speech by huangzhiwen, general manager of CRRC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

in his speech, huangzhiwen, general manager of CRRC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. said that this new product was released, It marks that CRRC heavy industries Beijing has made a new breakthrough in technical innovation and product research and development in the field of pile foundation engineering, and once again demonstrates the national strength of CRRC heavy industries Beijing. The drilling rig is integrated with Caterpillar's expandable chassis and a full set of equipment on the truck. The counterweight of caterpillar is moved back and the variable counterweight is added. The appearance of the drilling rig is atmospheric and stable, comfortable to drive, energy-saving, environmental protection, reliable and durable. At present, it is also the rotary excavator with the largest pile diameter in the world

speech by duanyongqing, Xinhua Tai, Shanxi

Zhang Hao, technical director of the piling division of CRRC heavy industries, introduced the development history and detailed product explanation of the rotary drilling rig of CRRC heavy industries in Beijing in the form of pictures and texts

1 technical director of waterproof enterprise reveals

Mr. changhuakui of caterpillar introduces the chassis of Carter

the world's largest pile depth tr600 powerful data processing function H rotary drilling rig unveiling ceremony

from 1 The operation interface of the color screen electronic tensile testing machine adopts the full Chinese menu to operate guochuanxin, Secretary General of the piling machinery branch of China Society of construction machinery; Huangzhiwen, general manager of CRRC heavy industries, and wujiayi, deputy general manager; Wangyonghai, chairman of Guangdong Heshan Houji Construction Machinery Co., Ltd; Xuwenbin, OEM account manager of caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd; More than 200 people, including hanyiqiang, general manager of Shanxi geology and Mineral Resources Corporation, attended the seminar to appreciate the "peerless face" of CRRC tr600h

group photo of participants

tips: rotary drilling rig, also known as rotary drilling rig, pile driver. Rotary excavator is a comprehensive drilling rig, which can use a variety of bottom layers. It has the characteristics of fast hole forming speed, less pollution and strong mobility. The short spiral bit can be used for dry excavation, and the rotary bit can also be used for wet excavation under the condition of mud wall protection. The rotary excavator can cooperate with the hammer to drill hard stratum and then carry out hole digging. For example, the steam molecules can be steamed through the plastic nano hole with the expanding head drilling tool, and the hole can be enlarged at the bottom of the hole. The rotary excavator adopts multi-layer telescopic drill pipe, with less auxiliary drilling time, low labor intensity, no need for mud circulation and slag discharge, saving cost, and is especially suitable for the foundation construction of urban construction

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